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The name of the planets in the solar system are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus. Pluto was downgraded to a planetoid or dwarf planet on March 13, 2007.

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Q: What is the name of all the planets in space?
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Could you name all the planets in space?

Since every star is a sun and there is probably a bunch of planets around each sun,it would be kinda hard to name all the planets, because there is more planets out there than all the names we can make up.

What do the planets have to do with astronomy?

Astronomy is all about the things in outer space and planets are in outer space.

Why do planets have to be in space?

If they aren't in space, then where else can they be?

How many planets are there in space all together?

There are 9 planets, including Pluto

How are planets born?

space studyers belive that all of spaces matter and galaxys and planets are started from the big bang. space studyers belive that all of spaces matter and galaxys and planets are started from the big bang. space studyers belive that all of spaces matter and galaxys and planets are started from the big bang.

Are all the planets lined up in space?

No, they are not.

Which planets have not yet been visited by space probes?

All of the 8 planets have been visited by space probes. Pluto, a former planet, was not visited by a space probe.

How do planets and their moons move?

Well in space people can just come out in space suits and the lack of gravity moves then same with all the planets

Why Is The Space Big?

Because it has all the planets to hold

Name three ways that conditions in space are different from conditions on earth?

Space has no gravity. Space has planets. Space has black holes.

Name all the planets in space?

To do so would take, at about one planet per second, about 1.26755059 × 1016 years

What gasses are in the solar systems atmosphere?

Planets can have atmospheres (although not all planets do) but the solar system does not. Space between planets is a vacuum.

What is space and what all are the objects in space?

the objects found in space include: planets, meteors, meteoritees, comets and stars

What name is given to people who study the planets and outer space?


Dose all the planets orbit the sun?

All the planets in our solar system orbit our sun. Recently other suns, far out in Space, have been discovered to have their own planets.

What are planets is space?

there are melions of planets in space 1 persent couldent say the name of all the planets every persent knows some planets i know Jupiter mars earth Pluto mercury neptune uranus Saturn you think of some planets too well i don't have time to write more facts. but i think i waist time telling you junk people with boogers in your mouth eww

Why do all planets stay in their orbits?

i think the reson why all planets stay in orbit is because of space gravitational pull.

Where are Poptropica planets?

if you go to astro nights and do all the right things you can get in a space ship and fly to the other planets

What would happen to the planets if the sun was gone?

The planets will all fly off into space and maybe never return.

How many planets can fit in Jupiter?

all the planets in our solar system can fit inside Jupiter with space to spare

What can be used to explore all of the planets?

Space telescopes w/ cameras

What is the space in between stars and planets called?

The space between stars is known as interstellar space, space between planets is known as interplanetary space.

Could material from earth contaminate planets visited by space craft?

Yes, that is why all space craft are constructed in clean rooms prior to being sent to other planets

Which planets have the most space between them?

The planets that have the most space between them are mercury and Pluto.

How do you get to the planets?

You get to the planets by a rocket or a space shuttle.

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