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There are many programs for troubled teens or those needing a boost of self-esteem. There may be programs through your local school district. A directory of programs can be found here:

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Q: What kind of program do you offer for troubled teen or one needing self esteem?
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Is there a program in Chicago for troubled teens?

Contact the Orthogenic School in Chicago, they offer services to parents of troubled teens. They are at 1365 East 60th Street in Chicago. Their office number is 773-702-1203.

Are there any schools for troubled teens in Oklahoma or Kansas that offer family counseling as part of the program and how do I contact them?

There are several schools for troubled teens in Oklahoma and Kansas that include family counseling. An online search can be used to find the contact information for the nearest schools and the can be contacted by phone or in person.

Where can I find an extended stay for schools for troubled teens for my 14 year old daughter?

There are several schools for troubled teens. Most of these schools offer extended stay options for really troubled teens.

Where can parents go to get help with troubled teens? and both offer advice and listings for programs for parents who wish to help their troubled teens.

How can you help a troubled youth?

Wilderness therapy programs offer one option for helping troubled youth. They generally combine outdoor education with wilderness therapy and may last two weeks or much longer. Here's one example of a therapeutic wilderness program called Odyssey Wilderness Programs:

What colleges offer a pathologist's assistant program?

What colleges offer a pathologist assistant program?

What federal programs offer help and resources for troubled teens?

There are several programs set up by federal funds to help troubled teens. The federal government also offers grants to set up community based programs directed at troubled teens.

Does Cameron University offer a Sports Management program?

Cameron University does offer a Sports Management program.

What does the Child in Need of Services or CHINS offer?

The Child in Need of Services offers legal support for parents or guardians of troubled youth. Children under the age of 17 are subject to being reported by parents or school administrators into the CHINS program.

Does Utahh State University offer a sports management program?

Utah State university does not offer a sports management program.

what is the standard penalty for a 3rd dui?

Most public school systems offer an option for troubled kids. The program is usually very basic, including the classes required for graduation. Contact Chesterfield Public Schools at 804-748-1405 for more information.

Does Eastern offer a degree in nursing as an LPN and how long is the program?

They do not offer an LPN program at Eastern in Michigan. They do have BSN programs available.

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