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Q: What language do they speak in England?
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Is the language spoken in Monaco the same as the language spoken in England?

No. In Monaco they speak French, Italian or Monegasque. In England they speak English.

What languages are spoken in France and England?

In France they speak French and in England we speak English.

Do Germany and England speak the same language?

No, but most Germans can speak English as a second language.

What language did officials and nobles in England speak?


What is different about germen and England?

They speak a different language.

What language did England speak in 1520?

In 1520, Modern English was spoken in England.

What language did England speak in 1749?

Most people spoke English in England in 1749.

What country speak English as native language?

America, England, Scotland

What language did king Phillips nobles in England speak?

They spoke engrish.

What language did Philip II officials and nobles in England speak?


Where was Isaac newton born and which language did he speak?

woolstrope, england, English

Do Quakers speak a different language?

No they speak English. It is just a religion that began in the 1400's in England.

Why do they speak English in England?

The English language was developed in England and then spread throughout the world with the British Empire.

What language does fabio capello speak?

English since he's coach for England

What language did William duke's officials and nobles in England speak?

Norman French

What language did people of England speak in the 1500s?

Early Modern English was the main language of England in the 1500s, but it was pronounced quite different than the English of today.

What languages are spoken in Bedfordshire England?

English is the main language but many immigrants speak the language of their home country.

What language did JK Rowling speak before English?

J.K. Rowling's first language was English. She was born in England.

Which language of people celebrate Halloween in England?

People who celebrate Halloween in England mostly speak English.

What language did King Philip II and his officials and nobles in England speak?

There has never been a King Philip in England.

What percentage of people in England speak English?

English is the national language of England so the only people who may not be able to speak it would be very recent immigrants.

What wear the language that king and queen speak?

There currently is no King of England. There is a Queen. She and her husband Prince Philip speak English.

What languages are spoken in Cornwall England?

They speak English although a small minority can speak the old Cornish language.

What language did his nobles and officials in England speak?

If you mean William the Conqueror, the answer is Norman French.

How is England and US alike?

They are both democracies and both speak the same language (nearly!)