what movies had different titles during production to mislead reporters and fans?

"Blue Harvest"

"Blue Harvest" was the production name for the Star Wars film "Return of the Jedi."

"Dangerous Days"

While the fake title is still pretty fitting, the actual title of this film is "Blade Runner."

"Incident on 57th Street"

This one is pretty out there. The actual title of this film is "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets."

"Corporate Headquarters"

Grab your clipboard, Captain Kirk, it's your first day at the office! In all seriousness, this was the production title for "Star Trek."

"Yellow Harvest"

This production title is probably a nod to "Blue Harvest." The actual title is "The Simpsons Movie."


This Steven Spielberg blockbuster was actually titled "Super 8." "Darlings" would have been a pretty interesting alternative title.

"Rory's First Kiss"

This might be the silliest title on this list. Maybe it was a play on the Joker's makeup. This film is of course titled "The Dark Knight."


This one is probably some kind of inside joke between the director and the producer. This film is actually called "The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian."

"Planet Ice"

They weren't being totally dishonest with this title. "Titanic" definitely takes a drastic turn because of some ice.


Here's another title that actually would have been kind of interesting. However, given that the film was a sequel, they went with "Back to the Future II."

"Still Seas"

The sci-fi robot-smashing movie that everyone's inner 9-year-old loved was called "Pacific Rim." "Still Seas" has a nice ring to it, though.

"A Boy's Life"

This is probably the best title on this list. It's hard to argue it's better than the iconic title "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial," though.