what myths are there surrounding charging your mobile phone?

Some people continue to spread misinformation about charging phones. This can impact your phone's life and the utility you get from it. Since smartphones cost hundreds of dollars (or require lengthy contracts), it is vital to keep these machines working as well as they can for as long as possible.

Here are five myths that you should know about phone charging. This way, you won't completely destroy your phone!

Myth 1: Off-brand chargers will ruin your battery.

There's nothing wrong with third-party chargers. It's knockoffs you want to avoid. As long as your charger comes from a reputable retailer, there shouldn't be any problems from an off-brand charger.

Myth 2: Don't use your phone while charging.

This myth is rooted in some reality, but using your phone while it's charging is generally OK. If you are using a cheap charger, you could run into issues. But as long as you are using a reputable charger (either from the manufacturer or an approved third-party), you'll be fine.

Myth 3: You shouldn't charge your phone overnight.

Doing this every once in a while won't harm your phone. Your battery knows when it is full and will stop charging at 100%. But if you do this every single night, you may impact your battery life. Your phone functions best when charged between 40-80%.

Myth 4: A smart phone never needs to be turned off.

Like any machine, a phone needs a break once in a while. Apple recommends turning off your phone once a week to preserve battery life while Android recommends at least a periodic rebooting.

Myth 5: You should let your phone completely drain before recharging it.

Too many of these "deep cycles" can cause your battery to become unstable. You don't need to wait until your phone is critically low before charging.

FACT: Heat will destroy your battery.

It's absolutely true that heat can destroy your battery. Extreme cold can also ruin your battery. Phones function best when kept at room temperature.

Now that you know the facts, you can get the most out of your phone's battery.