what secrets do women keep from their significant others?

She has mementos from past relationships.

Not that women are pining for their ex-boyfriends, but each woman definitely has something to remind her of past relationships and how far she's come.

Your woman resents your manhood.

You're not the one who has to birth that baby and your woman kind of hates you for it. It's not your fault, but she's a little mad.

"No gifts" actually means "I want a gift."

When a woman says she doesn't want a gift, she's lying. Get her a gift.

Your woman leads a rich fantasy life.

She pretends and puts herself in different situations all the time. Inside her head there's a whole 'nother world going on.

A woman's shower gives her time to get away.

Part of the reason women take so long in the bathroom is just to get away for a bit. She wants you to handle the kids or the pets while she gets to relax.

Women replay fights in their head.

Fights get replayed over and over again. And in these replays, she says all the things she either couldn't say or didn't think to say.

Women see every flaw.

You may not notice that blemish on her face, but she has and she is stressing over it. Minor flaws get amplified BIG TIME.

Women love to be wanted.

Your girlfriend may act like she doesn't want that playful grab or that naughty text, but she totally does.

Your girlfriend is almost always mad at you for something.

Women don't let things go easily. She's almost certainly mad at you right now and you have no idea.

Women are absolutely stalking on Facebook.

Maybe it's an ex-boyfriend or friend from high school, but women are all over social media spying on people.