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The first Swine flu viruses were isolated in 1930 in the United States in pigs.

The most famous early swine flu outbreak in humans was in 1976 at Fort Dix, New Jersey where four soldiers who were previously healthy contracted the virus and developed pneumonia diagnosed by X-ray with other symptoms of the flu. One died as a result. The virus was thought to have circulated approximately a month in the close quarters of the group in basic training but not outside the group, then it disappeared.

In the fall of 1988, a previously healthy 32-year-old pregnant woman was hospitalized for pneumonia and died 8 days later. A swine H1N1 flu virus was detected. Four days before getting sick, the patient visited a county fair swine exhibition where there was widespread influenza-like illness among the swine.

The 2009 pandemic of Influenza A, Novel H1N1 "swine flu" was first detected in Mexico City and was made public March 18, 2009. This new strain of virus has been tracked back to a child from a small village in Mexico (where there was close proximity to hog farms) as the probable first infected individual.
The village was La Gloria, a small town in southern Mexico. La Gloria has about 3,000 people, and it is now believed the first human cases of the Novel H1N1 Influenza probably started there. The first known person to have contracted the 2009 H1N1 Influenza was a young boy named Edgar Hernandez from La Gloria. He survived the virus.

Although a particular pig farm in Mexico was thought to have perhaps had the first case of the flu among pigs, the Mexican government tested and found no evidence of that at the farm. It is now believed that the first case among pigs was more likely at a different farm in Texas.

The first cases in the US were discovered in March and early April in Southern California and near San Antonio, Texas.

The World Health Organization (WHO) declared a Pandemic. That means that it is world wide and spreading quickly from human to human. The pandemic continued with increasing spread human to human around the globe but has now been declared over, although there are still isolated outbreaks around the world in different locations from time to time.
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Is swine fever the same as Swine Flu?

No. The Swine Fever is a disease that affects pigs and wild boar. The virus that causes it is very different than the swine flu H1N1/09 virus that causes Swine Flu in people. Swine Fever is also known as Classical Swine Fever, hog cholera, and pig plague. Swine Fever spreads rapidly and eas ( Full Answer )

Where did the swine flu start?

Mexico's agriculture department said in May 2009 that the Novel H1N1 influenza strain that now has infected people in all countries of the world, a true pandemic, did not originate from hogs at a Smithfield Foods operation. This pork production farm facility had been singled out by some, including c ( Full Answer )

Was it the pigs fault that they started the swine flu?

Not any more than it would be your fault for getting a cold and giving it to someone else. The fault, if there is to be blame assigned, lies with the virus itself. The pigs and people that get sick from the virus are not to blame when other pigs or people also get sick from the virus. I still consid ( Full Answer )

Who can get the Swine Flu?

The people who can get it are elderly people, kids baby's and well almost everyone.

What to do if you get the Swine Flu?

4 Easy steps 1. Do not panic.. 2. Stay inside. Keep your family inside. 3. Book a doctor's home visit appointment. 4. Avoid contact with the community.

Are pigs bad for starting the Swine Flu?

No, they didn't do it on purpose. They just got sick with the kind of swine flu they usually get but then that flu mutated together with the bird flu and some human flu strains into the Novel H1N1 (2009 Swine flu). Because pigs are very similar physiologically to humans, their genetic material wa ( Full Answer )

How can you not get swine flu?

A good way to keep clean from the swine flu is wash your hands. Make sure you wash hands before and after you eat. In case there are any germs on your hands and when you eat they can get into your mouth. Another really important thing is after you use the restroom. Make sure you wash your hands for ( Full Answer )

What can the swine flu do to you?

sometimes it can make you die and sometimes. It wont all you need to do is go to the doctors and have a swine flu shot dont worry its only a pinch. But remember wear a mask.

Can you call Swine Flu just swine?

Some people do but it is incorrect. Swine simply means pig/hog. The flu, Swine Flu, is called that because it started as a virus that only infected pigs, so it was the flu that the swine got. Since viruses mutate easily, it changed into a virus that caused flu in people as well as pigs. The name Swi ( Full Answer )

If you get Swine Flu can you overcome the flu?

Yes, most people have been able to. The death rate is much lower than even the seasonal flu ("regular" flu). The illness was far milder than initially feared and the control measures and public education were especially good at informing people how to avoid infection and when to seek professional me ( Full Answer )

If you have the flu do you have the Swine Flu?

There are many different types of influenza (flu), just because you may have flu does not mean that it is swine flu. During the 2009 -2010 flu season in the US, the majority of cases tested did prove positive for the new pandemic H1N1/09 flu, so it is likely that could have been the type you had, bu ( Full Answer )

How are swine treated for Swine Flu?

They do have some vaccinations to prevent the H1N1 subtype that pigs get (a different strain of virus than the one that causes the pandemic H1N1/09 flu), and sometimes the larger pork producers will have vaccines developed for new strains as they appear in that particular pig farm, so they can vacci ( Full Answer )

Did an Arabic terrorist group start the swine flu?

There is no reason to believe so. New viruses come along regularly and this strain is one that has never been seen before, so it was expected to spread just as it has because it is new and no one had prior immunity. Because this was expected, the public health officials made warnings, guidelines for ( Full Answer )

Did Arabic people start the swine flu?

No, there is absolutely no reason to believe that. The Swine Flu (2009 H1N1 influenza virus) is a mutation of a virus that pigs had, the mutation made it able to infect people too. The pigs who first had the flu that evolved into the Swine Flu were in a pig farm in the US, according to investigato ( Full Answer )

Why should swine flu not be called swine flu?

It is confusing since there is the "Swine Flu" that is the virus that pigs get, which is also called Pig Flu and Hog Flu. That is the original H1N1 virus that infected pigs but not people. In 1976, another strain of flu infected people and was called "Swine Flu" which was also an H1N1 virus but di ( Full Answer )

Are the flu and Swine Flu the same?

No, Swine Flu is just one strain of the many flu viruses. Flu is an abbreviation for influenza. So Swine Flu is a type of flu, but all flu is not the swine flu, there are other kinds.

How did the whole swine flu thing start?

It started to spread in Mexico, and many people started to die. It spread up to Texas and New York, (because a high school took a trip there over spring break) and it turned into a pandemic, and also spread throughout more states.

Do swine get the Swine Flu?

Yes. That is why it is called that. But the strain they get most often is different than most of the kinds that people get. This type of Influenza, Type A and subtype H1N1, started as a porcine disease. It mutated to incorporate human viruses which made it possible for people to get it. The particul ( Full Answer )

Did the Swine Flu start from Japan?

No, the 2009 pandemic swine flu (A-H1N1/09) is thought to have begun in Mexico. The types of flu that mutated to become this pandemic flu do include one of the Asian forms of the H1N1 that pigs get, but the location of the first cases of H1N1/09 was Mexico. See the related questions for more informa ( Full Answer )

Why did Babe start the Swine Flu?

There really is no way to know who the first pig with swine flu was. We are positive, however, that it was not Babe. More, on the lighter side: All the sheep and sheep dogs who knew and lived on the same farm with Babe have indicated that at no time has Babe shown any signs of influenza. The ( Full Answer )

How does Swine Flu spread and where did it first start spreading and how?

Swine flu spreads like any other flu; it is passed through coughing, sneezing w/e covering the mouth, etc. Ironically, swine flu started from a pig farm owned by a U.S.A. company; (I'm saying this because a lot of people were blaming the Mexicans for this incident) some pigs had the infection, and ( Full Answer )

How did the pig start the Swine Flu?

Viruses cause flu. Viruses are little pieces of DNA or RNA surrounded by a shell. These viruses infect a cell. Once they get inside a cell, the viruses lose their shells and the pieces of DNA or RNA start making new copies of the DNA or RNA and put them into new shells. The cell then falls apart and ( Full Answer )

Is the Swine Flu out to get you?

Viruses don't "think", so they do not have motives like this. They are simply out to reproduce. They are not alive, they are particles that behave in a certain way mechanically and chemically. The way they reproduce is to get inside a host plant or animal and trick the host's cells to make more vi ( Full Answer )

Why did people start the Swine Flu?

If your question means that you think the swine flu was created by people (like in a lab), that didn't happen. It occurred naturally as a mutation that combined the genetic material of common flu viruses that infect pigs, and those that infect birds along with those that cause the flu in people. ( Full Answer )

Can you get Swine Flu if you have Type A flu?

You could, but it is not very likely for a human to have more than one type of flu virus at the same time. Although not well understood yet, it is noted that many times there is a prevalent flu virus in a region, and for some reason, it seems to prevent another virus from getting a foothold at the s ( Full Answer )

What date did the 2009 pandemic of Swine Flu start?

The World Health Organization declared Pandemic Phase 6 criteria had been met on June 11, 2009. . The Influenza A, Novel H1N1 "swine flu," was first detected in late March 2009. This new strain of virus has been tracked back to a child from La Gloria, a small village in Southern Mexico (where t ( Full Answer )

How do Muslims feel about pig starting Swine Flu?

H1N1 is the version we have now and although they thought so in the beginning, hence the name swine flu, they now know it did not come from pigs. Their swine flu is not the same as this one. So Muslims should have no problem with it nor should Jews or vegetarians.

Have you had Swine Flu?

Yes, but only the medium dose of it. I was in bed for a week and a bit.

What to do when you have swine flu?

From what I've been able to gather reading various reports and blogs (most recently Dr. Sanjay Gupta's own run in with the virus) there's nothing much TO do. Swine flu is much like the regular flu in it symptoms and its remedies. Dr. Gupta for instance was only given Tylenol and fluids. That's it. B ( Full Answer )

Can you get Swine Flu from avain flu?

No you cant get it from avian flu directly, because swine flu is literally pig flu, so it originated from pigs, or so the name says. Same thing for avian flu, its, bird flu. S.o no, but you can get swine flu from birds, because flus can be carried from organisms to organisms. So, cutting it short, y ( Full Answer )

Where did the Swine Flu really start?

Swine Flu started, as the name implies, with a flu virus in pigs. In this H1N1 case an avian (bird) flu component was also involved. The flu viruses do mingle and mutate and make the leap to humans and that's what happened with the H1N1 virus. Hard to tell which came first, the chicken or the pig, b ( Full Answer )

What is a Swine Flu and bird flu?

They are viruses that cause influenza, a respiratory infection. Swine influenza (flu), also known as H1N1 (or another kind of swine flu is called H1N1/09 the pandemic swine flu), is called that because it originally was a type that was found as a disease of pigs (swine). Bird flu (Avian Flu) was ( Full Answer )

Do you have Swine Flu or regular flu?

There is no way to tell without lab tests since the symptoms are the same in most cases. But since the treatment is also the same, it usually isn't necessary to know which kind it is unless you require hospital care.

Is having Swine Flu as good as the Swine Flu vaccination?

If you actually had laboratory confirmation that you had the A-H1N1/09 influenza, then you would be as or better protected from that same virus from then on for life. The vaccination is proven in clinical trials to be approximately 90% effective in adults with healthy immune systems. One of the re ( Full Answer )

Can you catch the Swine Flu from a child who has had the Swine Flu mist?

The mist form of the H1N1/09 vaccine (or any intra-nasal flu vaccine) is made with "live" virus particles. They are weakened so that they can not make a person with an otherwise healthy immune system sick. If a person with HIV/AIDS or other immune system disorder, or who is on medicines that affect ( Full Answer )

What do you have when you have the swine flu?

Swine flu is a strain of one of the Type A influenza viruses in the subtype of H1N1. When you have it, you have a viral infection in your lungs and respiratory system which is known as the flu (influenza). You can get symptoms with it that are as mild as a common cold or you can get very severe comp ( Full Answer )

How are the flu and Swine Flu alike?

There are some basic similarities between the common seasonal flu and H1N1/09 "swine flu". Each type has similar symptoms in humans such as body aches, fever, coughing, sneezing, sore throat, and headaches. They are both viral infections. See the related questions below for more information.

How do you no i have Swine Flu?

Because if you do then you'll have a cough, running nose, headache, sour throat, high temperature (when its freezing cold)

Do you need a Swine Flu shot if you have had Swine Flu?

Every exposure to a flu virus will provide lifetime immunity against that exact type of flu in an otherwise healthy person, and so does exposure to the virus in the swine flu shot. However, a virus can mutate (change), even over a matter of weeks. It is possible, then, to get that new form of the ( Full Answer )

What type of reaction first starts when you get the Swine Flu?

Usually the first reaction of the body to an invading microbe is an immune response. The symptoms of the swine flu begin with upper respiratory system responses to the virus invading the cells of the respiratory tract and include scratchy throat, cough, sneezing, and runny nose. For the full list ( Full Answer )

Who get the swine flu?

Most people who are not vaccinated against the swine flu or who have not had the swine flu will get it if exposed to it. Those who have had the vaccines will be immune.

Did Mexicans start the Swine Flu?

See the related questions below about what caused the H1N1/09 Pandemic Swine Flu, where it started and who had the first cases. It is believed that the very first case may have been at a pig farm in the US and then it moved to people in Mexico, but that is not yet proven.

Does the Swine Flu vaccination stop you getting Swine Flu?

Yes, that is what vaccinations do. They help your immune system learn how to fight off the disease before you get it. After a vaccination, your body has developed those specific germ fighting cells and has them ready and waiting to kick germ butt. See the related questions below for more informa ( Full Answer )

Will the Swine Flu start again?

So far, it never really has ended. The pandemic has ended, but there are still isolated outbreaks around the world among those who have not been vaccinated or who have not been ill with the infection itself. It will likely continue to be among the usual seasonal flu types circulating in flu season f ( Full Answer )