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Riding lawn mowers can take much of the work out of mowing large expanses of lawn. They are not perfect for every lawn, however. There are some things you should consider before you begin shopping for riding lawn mowers.

Size of the Yard

How big is the yard you need to mow? If it is a typical suburban lot, chances are you would have a difficult time maneuvering a riding lawn mower around your small yard. Lawns need to be at least a half acre before it is practical to use a riding lawn mower. Anything smaller than that and you will spend more time turning and manipulating the mower around tight curves than actually driving the lawn mower in a productive manner. If you are not sure what the size of your lawn is, measure a riding mower and then apply that measurement to your lawn. If the length of your lawn is more than three times the length of the mower you may be able to use a riding mower.

Obstacles in the Yard

Riding lawn mowers are difficult to navigate around objects in the lawn. If you have several trees or flower beds all through your yard, it may be impractical to purchase a riding lawn mower. Riding mowers work best when you have large expanses of clear lawn that needs to be cut regularly. If you still believe that you need a riding lawn mower and you have several items in your yard, make sure there is enough room between the items for the mower to fit through comfortably.

Number of Lawns to Mow

If you provide lawn service to more than one location you may find that riding lawn mowers can help make your life easier. Riding mowers cut lawns faster than traditional walking mowers, which can make it easier to get through several lawns in a single day. Riding a lawn mower is also easier on your back than pushing one through the grass of several lawns. The size and obstacles of the lawns will still make a difference in the practicality of mowing with a riding lawn mower, however, so make sure the yards you mow meet the proper criteria.

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There are push mowers, riding mowers, electric mowers and more. Another word for lawn mower is grass cutter. Riding mowers are sometimes called tractors.

You can find used riding lawn mowers on ebay and at any location that sells used lawn mowers. You can also find used lawn mowers at yard sales and state sales.

A lot of places no days sell riding lawn mowers. Some common places are Lowes or Home Depot.

The best brands of riding lawn mowers are those of companies such as John Deere and Briggs and Stratton depending on the quality.

I have seen pretty good prices for riding lawn mowers at Sears and Lowes. I recommend checking the consumer reports to find out the best riding lawn mowers, I bought one and it broke in a year so be careful with your pick.

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Yes sears does sell riding lawn mowers. They also sell the manual ones that are more common. They usually have the sitting lawn mowers in the display of their windows at Sears.

There are numerous manufacturers of lawn mowers in the US. A few of the manufacturers are Ariens, Bush Hog, Murray, and Snapper.

Zero turn lawn mowers can be either a riding lawn mower or a push lawn mower, depending on you're preference. Push lawn mowers start around three hundred dollars.

They do make non gas riding lawn mowers but to find them is the problem. They are not easy to come across but if you find one they are very good for the environment.

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A lawn mower can make your lawn chores take much less time. Also, lawn mowers allow you to cut your lawn in a uniform fashion. There are basically two types of lawnmowers: push mowers and riding lawn mowers. For the most part, a push mower should be adequate unless your lawn is enormous. Then, you might want to get a riding lawnmower. This makes it so that you can sit on it, which is much easier. However, you will have to pay for this premium by spending extra money. Therefore, use a push mower unless your yard is enormous.

They are known best for their lawn mowers. Especially their riding lawn mowers. They are widely viewed as the best brand of lawn mowers in the world. Before lawn mowers they were known for farm tractors. The "Johnny Popper" was one of their most recognized tractors just by the sound of the engine.

All Riding Lawn Mowers are 4 stroke engines

Deciding what type of lawnmower to get depends on two basic factors, the size of the yard, and the type of tasks needed. If you have a small yard, a standard push mower will usually suffice. Once the yard reaches a ½ acre or more in size, purchasing a riding lawn mower is something to consider, as riding lawn mowers cut grass much more efficiently than a push mower. While many riding lawn mowers can be expensive to purchase, most are reliable, and inexpensive to maintain. There are two types of riding lawn mowers, lawn tractors and zero-turn mowers. Of the two, lawn tractors are more versatile and far less expensive. Zero-turn radius mowers, however, are much more efficient. In addition to having twice the speed of a lawn tractor, zero-turn mowers can make very sharp turns, and thus mow in tighter areas. Regardless of the type, riding lawn mowers can get very expensive, costing in the thousands of dollars. There is a wide variety in the quality of mowers on the market, and accessories can really add to the final price. Mulching and bagging abilities are the most common accessories. In fact, there are so many options available that it can be easy to get carried away and purchase an accessory that is not really needed. Also, it is important to keep in mind how much maneuverability you need. If you want one that can make tighter turns and get closer to the trees, be sure to get one that is rear wheel driven, where the wheels can move independently of each other. Finally, it is important to remember that riding lawn mowers are more dangerous to use than push mowers. Tens of thousands of Americans are seriously injured every year, many are even killed. Riding lawn mowers can tip over on uneven terrain, pinning the rider and exposing them to the moving blades. They should never be driven on roadways, and under no circumstances should children under 16 operate a riding lawn mower.

According to Home Depot "Riding Mowers"

Most lawn mowers have 4-stroke gas engines. Some have 2-cycle, and if you are talking about riding mowers, some even have diesel.

American Yard Products (AYP)

Snapper was purchased by Briggs and Stratton in 2004.

Barring the tire is solid, then yes you can put tubes into lawn tractor tires.

Riding lawn mowers are mowers that you can drive instead of pushing. The individual mower manufacturer's all have detailed information on their individual sites that give the specs for the different mowers. A great brand of mower is Toro. Another brand to look at is the Cub Cadet.