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You can visit your local lumber store or design stors to look for french doors. They come in a variety of designs and colours. Choose the one that suits your desing needs.

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Q: Where can you purchase french doors?
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Where can one purchase French patio doors?

One can purchase French patio doors from a variety of different retailers. This include large home improvement stores, and window and doors specialists.

Should I purchase a sliding glass door or a French door?

This is really all a matter of opinion. French doors are very elegant looking so if you have a home that is very modern, french doors might just look better than sliding glass doors.

Can anyone suggest me a company that provides the best french windows and doors in Delhi?

To purchase quality french windows I will recommend you Fenesta Building Systems. Fenesta is the India's largest windows and doors manufacturer.

Can I put stained glass windows on French doors?

If your French doors are single glazed there is no reason why the glass cannot be replaced by stained glass. This you can do yourself or a carpenter could probably do it for you. However, if your French doors are double glazed, you cannot replace one side of the glass yourself. In order to have stained glass in double glazed French doors it would be necessary to buy new French doors with the stained glass already in place, or purchase the stained glass double glazed glass unit and either fit it yourself or have a tradesman do it for you.

How do you say doors in french?

A door is "une porte" (fem.) in French. It is pronounced as 'Porte' in English.

Where can one purchase automatic garage doors?

One can purchase automatic garage doors online. Some of the useful websites for purchase of automatic garage doors are Home Depot, Overhead Door and Sam's Club.

How do you say doors and gates in french?

Hi. The french translation of doors is "portes" (plural) and gates is "portails"

Importance screen doors for french doors?

Screen doors especially retractable screen doors have a great importance for french doors as these retractable screen doors let the bug and dirt free fresh air come into the home while keeping the doors and windows open as well as add a great stylish look to these french

Do patio doors come with handles?

There are some patio doors that comes with handles. It depends on which patio doors you purchase and the store that you purchase them at. If you visit Home Depot, you can find out how many patio doors are available with handles.

Where can hardwood doors be bought?

You can purchase hardwood doors at your local Lowe's home improvement store. You can also purchase one online from websites such as Simpson Door, Solid Hardwood Doors, and Doors 4 Home.

Where can I purchase a fancy French door?

the store that i've found to have a great selection is fancy french door mart. they always have the fanciest and the frenchest doors you'll ever find in any town.

Where online can one purchase interior sliding doors?

One can purchase interior sliding glass doors from Home Depot in store and online. One can also purchase interior sliding doors from Lowe's both in store and online.

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