which college majors are worth it and what are some that aren't?

College is an expensive prospect, so it's best to thoroughly research the job field of your major. Some majors have a huge payoff, while others will leave you in the lurch. But which is which?


The worst because: Many print and even broadcast media companies are lagging behind in the technological race. Although people who have communications degrees can be useful in a variety of jobs, the entry-level positions in all communication jobs usually require previous experience or an internship with the company. Careers in these fields seem to be beginning to dwindle.

Theater Arts

The worst because: You don't actually have to have a degree to pursue your dream of seeing your name in lights, so why pay a ton of money when you don't need to? Plus, if you were a good actor or actress, someone might have noticed you by the age of 22. Unless you went to a tiny school in the Midwest that no one pays attention to, that is.

Fashion Design

The worst because: Some fashion designers do have degrees, but by no means all of them. The majority of people in the field of fashion may even go back to school while they're in the job field. This is one of those rare careers where it may be beneficial to go straight into the market and then back to school.

Liberal Arts

The worst because: This degree is too broad to have a specialized field, so many people end up taking jobs in finance or real estate. Although those two fields are necessary careers, a liberal arts degree usually shows employers that you're not good at making decisions or you just went to college to party.

Hospitality and Tourism

The worst because: This industry has plenty of jobs, but the money ranges from just okay to dismal. Usually, if you are a hospitable person, you don't need anyone to teach you how to be more hospitable. The tourism industry is one where you can just shout out the places you've been to and adventures you've been on in order to impress people. If you want to get into tourism, get a business degree and travel the world.

Fine Arts

The worst because: This is another field that doesn't actually require a degree. Just spend a few sessions at a studio and take a couple of classes to find your muse. Whether you're into sculpture, screen printing, painting, or pottery, you most likely don't need a degree unless you want to teach the practice as well. In some instances, though, it is nice to have the degree in hand.

Interior Design

The worst because: Since 2004, the interior design workforce has dropped by five percent. Perhaps as the economy continues to grow, the market may see more people begin to redecorate or redesign their homes. If you're looking for a reliable field that pays well and isn't as harshly affected by the economy, landscape design is a steadily growing market.

Broadcasting (Radio and TV)

The worst because: The job growth over the next 10 years looks fickle. The market doesn't seem to be moving at all and is likely to remain stagnant as the world becomes even more digital. If you like this industry, but you also want to live well, try pursuing a career in film production. The market is a little harder to break into, but once you're in you're gold.

Graphic Design

The worst because: The field is generally a tough market to wiggle yourself into. The intro salary is definitely not something to boast about either (if you are even offered a salaried position, that is). Better than focusing on graphic design, why not use those skills to major in web development or web design? Those fields are expected to grow dramatically and pay quite better.


The worst because: You will become the most undervalued professional. At least in the United States you will. The worst part is that special education majors earn far less than those in the traditional education field.

Civil Engineering

The best because: The population is growing and so are the cities that house them. Not only does the infrastructure need to be expanded, it also requires constant repair. The industry pays well, and also the overall happiness levels of civil engineers are fairly high.


The best because: Product always needs to be moved from one spot to another, and with advances in technology, this industry needs people who can keep up with the changing times. If you're good with statistics and you're a logical thinker, consider going into this field.

Healthcare Administration

The best because: The healthcare industry is booming, but some sectors are doing better than others. Administrators are in high demand. A Democrat is still in office, and it looks like another one may be replacing him, which means the healthcare industry is going to keep rising in terms of job creation.


The best because: This surprising entry currently has a small job field, but it's set to grow by 29 percent between 2012 and 2022. As the world becomes more urban, this means people need to plan city growth, maintenance, and redevelopment.


The best because: Ads are here to stay, so it's a smart move to jump in while the action's hot. Don't think about Don Draper. Stop thinking about Don Draper. He's in advertising and pitch-giving. Don Draper has little to do with marketing. Okay maybe he has a little knowledge of the marketing industry. Stay beautiful, Jon Hamm.

Computer Science

The best because: Computer programming has long been heralded as the career of the future. Why try to keep up with technology when you can be creating it? Oh your mom and dad were computer science majors? Well then, they knew the industry was going to take over the world, so you should hop on the bandwagon too.

Applied Mathematics

The best because: You may cringe at the thought, but as the world progresses, the diversity of mathematics and statistical jobs will grow. For instance, jobs such as scheduling flights, creating political polls, and working in the financial world are all possibilities. There will never be a time when mathematics isn't useful, despite popular belief.

Engineering Technologies

The best because: It's a very specialized engineering major, but the field is important. Does working on welding robots sound cool? This field involves quite a bit of creating for the purpose of efficiency. So if you like organization and creative thinking, this is the field for you.


The best because: This is kind of a shocker, right? The starting salary is more than $50,000 for those with jobs in the field, and believe it or not, the median salary is well above six figures. You could go into research, you could work in astronomy and space programs, or you could even become a teacher later in your career.


The best because: Believe it or not, employers love to see a person who is business-oriented. According to Career Builder in 2015, this field is the most sought-after degree from employers. The field is so vast that you could major in finance, accounting, or management and administration. This field isn't going anywhere.