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Florence Nightingale is generally considered as the founder of the nursing profession.

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Q: Who is known as the founder of the nursing profession?
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Who is known as the founder of nursing profession?

Who is known as the founder of nursing profession?

Who was the founder of the nursing profession?

The considered founder was Florence nightingale

Contribution of Florence nightingale to nursing?

A proper education and made it more then for just prostitutes and poor. It became a real honorable profession. She was the founder of modern nursing.

Who is known as florence nightingale?

the founder of modern nursing

Why is Florence Nightingale well known?

Florence Nightingale was the founder of the modern nursing profession, even as it was considered a low job where girls of good families did not take up.Today it is a very paying job, She was also called the Lady With the Lamp.

How can you contribute in the nursing profession?

what can you contribute to nursing profession

Who was the founder of nursing?

woman who was the founder of professional nursing

What is military nursing?

Military Nursing is a nursing profession which is the hardest, I think, but this is the profession which requires knowledge, strength and discipline.

What is the importance of nursing law in the nursing profession?

The Nursing law regulates the profession. It is with this law where nurses can protect themselves at the same time know what and how they can uplift the standards of their profession.

What is lamp lighting ceremony in nursing profession?

The Lamp Lighting ceremony is a tribute to Florence Nightingale, who is the founder of modern day nursing. It represents the light and enlightenment that come with knowledge. The Nurses light the lamp, and then say a pledge of service.

What did Florence Nightingale do that affects us?

She Made Nursing A Profession And Her Work Is Still Used Today For Nursing And In Nursing Collage She Made Nursing A Profession And Her Work Is Still Used Today For Nursing And In Nursing Collage

What is the use of research in nursing profession?

Nursing is a complex profession that involves the care and well being of the patient. Research in the nursing profession is very important , and can lead to important discoveries as well as diagnosis

Why is nursing such an important profession?

Because nursing gives us to care patients.Those people who are interested in caring of patients for them it is a good profession.

Is nursing a semi-profession?

No nursing a semi is to get an almost hard on

Who is the initial founder of nursing?

It is heavily debated who the initial founder of nursing was as many nurses were in various countries establishing the field. However, the one recognized with being the initial founder of modern nursing was Florence Nightingale.

How can nursing profession leads the change in the health care sector in India?

Nursing is a noble profession. It can lead the change in health care sector.

Is nursing a profession?


Is Folrence Nightingale a scientist?

Florence Nightingale is the founder of the Nursing Profession. She served with the British troops in the Crimean War in 1854-6, and was head of the nursing at the military hospitals at Scutari, Turkey. After the war, she founded the Nightingale School for Nurses in London in 1860. It was the first Nursing School in the world. She died in London in 1910.

Why is nursing called 'nursing'?

Nursing is called as it is because it describes the profession and the act of caring for the sick which is ultimately the meaning of Nursing.

Who invented nursing?

Florence Nightingale is considered the Founder of nursing.

What is the nursing profession like?

The nursing profession is an admirable one, and has given me years of happiness. I would not want to be anything else. Nursing is a loving job and career to have. you get drawn to your patients, and keep a smile on. you are nursing people back to health.. whats BETTER THEN THAT?

What is the importance of nursing in nursing profession?

Nursing is the epitome of the nursing profession. It is not only the means of caring for another human being but also concerning the family and society in general. Nursing is not just the act of caring for the sick but also of true altruistic concern for humanity, healthy and the human in general.

What is the largest profession in the world?


What is the hardest profession to go in to?


What is the highest nursing profession?

There are now doctoral programs offered in nursing. Now this is the degree, the profession which may be considered as the highest may be strictly dependent on one's perception.