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The CCRM has many relays on it: AC, Fan, Injectors, Fuel Pump , so the CCRM doesnt fail as a "unit" but one or more relays inside could fail.

I had the Fan relay failed on mine, opened it and replaced with a new relay (found at specialty electronics shop).

But the dealer will replace the whole CCRM even if only one relay fails.

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Q: Is the CCRM the same as the fuel pump relay on a Ford Taurus - Mercury Sable?
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Where is the cooling fan relay located on a 1996 Ford Taurus?

On the 1996 Taurus it is located in the CCRM which is not serviceable you will need a new one from the auto parts store or from a junk yard. They average 150 at auto zone. The ccrm is right next to the battery its a little box that plugs in.

Where is fuel pump relay located on 1986-1995 Mercury Sable - Ford Taurus?

There is no actual fuel pump relay (by itself) in that car. What it has is a multi relay switch that controls the fuel pump and several other things. It is located right at the the front of the car, up top, just to the right of the hood latch mechanism. It is held on by two bolts, and it has a big fat wire harness attached to it that is held on with a small bolt. The best thing to do is go to a junkyard and get one off of a car there. Otherwise, they are about 60-100 dollars new. You can also use a multi relay switch off of a ford Taurus of the same year range as well. I used a 1993 Taurus multi relay switch on my 1992 sable and it's running fine.This is also known as the CCRM - constant control relay moduleSee "Related Questions" below for morehope this helps.steve. Phx az.

Where is the constant control relay module on a 96 sable?

The CCRM on a 96 Sable is attached to the left side (drivers side) of the battery tray. Undo the spring clamp to remove the CCRM from the tray. The electrical harness on the CCRM is short. If you need to remove the harness, first remove the battery, then remove the battery tray, then you will have room to rotate the connector to expose the 5mm nut that you must loosen to remove the harness connector.

Where is the ac relay on a 1998 ford escort zx2?

the ac relay is a relay inside the CCRM. The CCRM is located directly beneath the air filter housing. The mounting bracket which retains the air filter housing also retains the CCRM

What is a ccrm?

Constant Control Relay Module

What does the Constant Control Relay Module CCRM do on a Ford Taurus?

The Constant Control Relay Module(CCRM)interfaces with the Power Control Module(PCM)to provide control of the cooling fan, A/C Clutch and fuel pump. The module also includes the electronic engine control(EEC)relay to provide power the PCMThe CCRM is a set of 4 relays in one module. The relays are :1. Relay for the PCM (Powertrain Control Module)2. Relays for the high and low radiator fan speeds.3. Relay for the fuel pump.4. Relay for the Air Conditioning clutch on the compressor.

Where in a 1996 ford mustang is the fan cooling relay located?

The fan relays (low and high speed) and the air conditioning relay are part of the Constant Control Relay Module (CCRM). The CCRM is located in the right fenderwell, remove the right inner splash shield for access to the CCRM. Were the hell is it

Where do you locate a fuel pump relay on 1993 Ford Taurus 6 cylinder 38?

It's in a package called the constant control relay module - CCRM - under a cover directly in front of the top of the radiator.See "Related Questions" below for more

Where is the Fuel Relay on a 1993 Lincoln Mark 8?

ccrm module

Where is the main pcm and fuel relay or CCRM located in a 1995 Mercury Sable - Ford Taurus?

You won't find the fuel relay separate. The reason is that it is built into a module called a CCRM (Constant Control Relay Module). This is an electronic module located under the plastic panel that has all the engine information stickers on it, right over the radiator area.Remove the 4 screws that hold that panel on, and voila!, there's your CCRM. It's a little metal box about 3 inches by 3 inches, that has a large electrical connector attached to it with a 5 or 6 mm bolt in the middle of it.That module has all the major relays built into it, like the PCM power relay, fuel pump relay, AC relay, etc., and is non-serviceable. You have to replace the whole thing as an assembly.I can tell you one thing though, even though I haven't seen your car. The CCRM is almost bullet proof, it does fail occasionally, but hardly ever.The most common issue with your car, in no power to the PCM, is a loss of ground to the CCRM, which causes the power relay not to kick on. You find the CCRM ground wire at the battery ground cable, right at the battery. It will be the smaller gauge black wire coming off of the cable. Check that connection / terminal to make sure it isn't corroded, hasn't lost its continuity and just needs cleaning before you go any further.AnswerOn the radiator support. ID # on the part is 12B577.Answer1986-1995 Taurus/Sables have a multi-relay box on top of the radiator. I was told by the dealer that inside the box is the fuel pump relay. AnswerThe Constant Control Relay Module (CCRM) interfaces with the Power Control Module (PCM) to provide control of the cooling fan, A/C Clutch and fuel pump. The module also includes the electronic engine control (EEC) relay to provide power the PCM, whose electrical connector is located on the passenger side of the firewall, and whose housing is accessible behind the glove box.AnswerI have a 1987 Mercury Sable. The fuel relay is combined with other relays mounted on top of the radiator. If you look in your car manual under engine control diagram, find the fuel pump relay wire color code, match it to the wire coming out of the relay mounted on top of the radiator--it's probably there, and should be a 1x3x3 inch (approximately) rectangular black box located just under the plastic panel above the radiator. All you have to do is take off 4 bolts and remove the plastic panel and you should see it. You should see a bunch of wires going right under that panel that its connected to. tony

Were is the cooling fan relay on a 1997 mustang gt 4.6L?

Actually, it's located in the CCRM (constant control relay module) which is in behind the passenger front fender. It is a module with 5 relays (AC, Fuel pump, etc..). You can try to replace the relay ($10), the module used ($50-70) or buy brand new ccrm from Ford for $240. Your call. Get a wire diagram of the ccrm and replace the right relay if you go that route.

How do you fix a power problem on the ac in a 2002 ford escort?

Replace the fuse and the relay called the CCRM (Constant Control Relay Module).