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Q: Did Alexander Hamilton favored bank notes or taxes on imported foreign goods?
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How did Alexander Hamilton deal with the nation financial problems?

He asked congress to to put a tax on whiskey

Hamiltonians v Jeffersonians?

Hamiltonians or High Federalists were a faction within the Federalist Party that supported Alexander Hamilton's economic programs. Jeffersonians were a faction within the Democratic-Republican that supported Thomas Jefferson's foreign programs. Hamilton favored a strong federal government while Jefferson favored a strong state govenment.

Did Alexander Hamilton want to tax foreign goods?

Yes, Alexander Hamilton believed in a strong government and economic policies that would promote domestic manufacturing and industry. As such, he supported imposing tariffs on imported foreign goods to protect American industries from competition and generate revenue for the government.

What point did Alexander hamilton make in his report on manufactures?

American manufactures should be protected from foreign competition

What did Alexander Hamilton write about executive power and the US Constitution?

Alexander Hamilton was a strong proponent for executive powers in regard to foreign affairs. He acknowledged the rights of the US Congress to use its influence on foreign policies, however, his preference was to allow the president to push the envelop as far as it could be done.

What did Hamilton want?

Alexander Hamilton wanted to establish government credit and a national bank to assure the United State's financial and industrial ascendancy. He took steps to protect American companies from foreign competition by putting tariffs in place on imported goods. He believed there was a need for the government to move beyond the confines of the Constitution in order for the country to succeed.

What did Alexander Hamilton's plan for financial review focus on?

Alexander Hamilton's plan for financial review focused on financial stability necessary to fight another war should one arise with the foreign threats of Britain and Spain. Hamilton suggested funding the foreign debt by selling government bonds, and further proposed that state debts be assumed by the national government.

How did Alexander Hamilton propose to raise prices on foreign products why did he do so?

ummm i forgot but if you ask the quetion another time i will remember sorry

Alexander hamilton thought Thomas Jefferson could not be trusted to conduct foreign affairs because of Jeffersons preference for the?

french ApexVs

Alexander Hamilton's domestic and foreign policies were directed primarily toward stregthening the federal government by?

Favoring the interests of the propertied and monied classes.

How did Alexander Hamilton want the government to take over war debts of the states and pay for this debt?

taxing goods bought from foreign nations.

How did Hamilton's economic policies differ from Jefferson's?

As a federalist, Hamilton wanted a strong national/federal governament, while Jefferson favored state governaments. Hamilton favored Britain, America's major trading partner, as according to the foreign policy, while Jefferson liked France, the U.S.'s first ally. Hamilton wanted the economy brought up on Manufacturing and Industry, and Jefferson thought farming was best.