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Government growth in the 1920s was less than in any subsequent decade and resulted in the Great Depression.

The 1920s fall between two well-known eras of government growth: the Progressive era prior to World War I, and the New Deal of the 1930s. It was the New Deal's increase inGovernment power through regulation, such as the creation of the SEC, which saved capitalism and brought this nation from the brink of no return.

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Q: Did the growth in the powers of the federal government during the new deal benefit the nation?
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Technological advances have aided the industrial growth of the US What federal government policy has been MOST responsible for technological innovation?

the granting of patents

How does growth in the number of interest groups and PAC's make it difficult for the federal government to enact public policy?

As more interest groups and PACs are made it becomes extremely difficult for the government to please everyone

During the period 1865-1900 government contributed to the growth of corporations mainly by?

allowing them to develop with few restrictions

What is one reason that the consitutional convention decided they needed a document to replace the articles of confederation?

One of the primary reasons the Constitutional Convention decided they needed a document to replace the Articles of Confederation was because the Articles did not grant the federal government sufficient power to address the nation's needs. Under the Articles, the federal government had no power to levy or collect taxes, or to regulate commerce between the states. This lack of power meant that the federal government was unable to raise funds to pay off debts, or to provide for a military, which left the country vulnerable to foreign attack. Additionally, the federal government had no power to regulate trade and commerce between the states, which caused economic chaos and hindered the growth of the nation.In order to address these issues, the delegates at the Constitutional Convention decided that a new document was needed to replace the Articles of Confederation. This document, the Constitution of the United States, granted the federal government the power to:\tLevy taxes\tCollect revenue\tRaise an army\tRegulate commerce between the statesThese powers allowed the federal government to address the nation's needs, and paved the way for the growth and development of the United States.

During the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries the us Government attempted to facilitate the growth of domestic industry by?

Placing high tariff barriers on foreign imports.

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The significance of Shays's rebellion is that it?

It began the growth of the federal government.

Why does the federal government allow the growth of tobacco?

To make more money so they can tax it.

What is The largest portion of the federal government budget is spent on?

The largest portion of the federal government's budget is spent on national defense. The defense of the nation is very important because it is what spurs national growth.

What four factors that have contributed to the growth of federal bureaucracy since 1930?

The federal government is always growing to expand and contrast. It is a process that can never be replaced.

Federal bureaucracy has undergone tremendous growth in the last 70 years or so?

. This growth can be attributed to various factors, including the increasing complexity of government functions and the expansion of government responsibilities in areas such as regulation, social welfare, and national security. Additionally, the bureaucracy has expanded in response to societal demands for greater government intervention and services.

Did the National government got larger during and after the great depression?

The growth of the federal government and the corresponding cost to maintain the new governmental agencies created by the New Deal continued to increase. From FDR's New Deal to the present, the federal government has continued to grow, assume an active role in the daily lives of citizens, and to cost more in the form of taxes, and to spend more on domestic and foreign affairs.

What will happen if the form of government in the Philippines is federal?

every province or regions will have its own government but will still submit to the president of the federal states/provinces.. economic growth will be regional meaning economy will vary from region to region. and the total economic growth will be the summation of an economic growth per region. every regions also will have its own regional police,firefighter and many more social and civics centers. for short, every region will be for itself..and only the federal government can intervene on what a region is doing. don't worry it will be still democracy.

One reason for the growth of federal agencies is the population growth of our country?

Population growth can lead to increased demand for government services, which may require the creation of new federal agencies to address and meet those needs. As the population expands, there may be a greater complexity of issues and challenges that necessitate specialized agencies to effectively manage and regulate various aspects of society.

The largest allocation in the federal budget goes to?

The largest portion of the federal government's budget is spent on national defense. The defense of the nation is very important because it is what spurs national growth.

What are the three main economic goals that the federal government seeks to achieve?

high employment, steady growth, and stable prices

Level of government that people expected to cure the economic ills?

The federal government is typically expected to address and alleviate economic issues. Through fiscal policies, such as spending and taxation, as well as monetary policies, such as setting interest rates, the government aims to stimulate economic growth, reduce unemployment, and stabilize the economy in times of crisis.

In the late 19th century the federal government aided the growth of transcontinental railroads by?

providing free land for laying railroad tracks -Zohirul