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Q: How did Britain govern its colonies differently from the way France governed its colonies?
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Did France and Britain governed many countries?

Yes, both France and Britain governed many countries in the past.

What is the difference between French and British colonies?

France expected that their colonies would always be part of France. Britain trained their colonies to be self-governing.

What European country established colonies part of Canada?

Britain and France. The british colonies centred on Hudson Bay, and were governed by the Hudson Bay Company. The French colonies centred on Quebec, and were won by the British in the Seven Years War.

After Germany surrendered what did the allies decide to do?

Divide it in four parts, to be governed by Britain, the United States, the Soviets, and France

What France's north American empire and compare it with Britain's colonies?

france :)

What was a difference between british and french approached to colonialism?

Britain trained colonies for self-government - Apex

Which statement is true regarding the government structures of New France and the English colonies?

New France was governed by the king, while some English colonies had authority to govern themselves.

Which European countries established colonies in the Americas?

The first counties to establish colonies in America were Spain, France, and Great Britain

What effect did the war between Britain and France have on taxes in the colonies?


Where do Spain France and Britain have colonies in north America?

north america

Which 2 countries had colonies in Canada?

France and Britain, Greenland and Russia.

What European powers had colonies in the New World?

france and great britain.