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Q: How did Francois De Laval organize the Roman Catholic Church in New France?
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Do the French study the Catholic religion?

France is often called 'the eldest daughter of the Catholic Church' because it has had an unbroken relationship with the church. It is estimated that over half of France's population?æis Catholic.

Where did the pope of the Catholic Church rule in France in 1310?

He ruled from Avignon, France.

Why did the French take only the Roman Catholic religion to New France?

Man so french juilliet and France

The Roman Catholic Church move from Rome to what city in Southern France?

Avignon, France

What is the main religion in France?

The Roman Catholic Church is the most popular religion in France

During the reformation Spain and France stayed?

Catholic from fear of the roman Catholic church but after 1606 after new England Spain and France

What influence does the Catholic Church have on food in France?

None that I know of.

Why did Samuel De Champlain encourage the church to come to New France?

He encouraged him by showing his anxiousness about establishing the Catholic church in New France.

What has the author Charles Stanley Phillips written?

Charles Stanley Phillips has written: 'Hymnody past and present' -- subject(s): Church of England, English Hymns, History and criticism, Hymns, Hymns, English 'The church in France, 1848-1907' -- subject(s): Church history, Church and state in France, Church and state, Ultramontanism, Catholic Church in France, Catholic Church

What was the government style of new France in 1692?

controlled by the catholic church

Who supported the Catholic Church as the national church of France?

Evidentally the Gallican movement, long-long gone.

What is St. Vincent de Paul's connection to the Catholic Church?

St. Vincent was a Catholic priest in Paris, France.