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Q: How did muckraker contribute to increasing calls for reform in the last 19 century?
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What did florence kelly do as a muckraker?

Florence Kelley was a muckraker who exposed the harsh working conditions faced by women and children in factories during the Progressive Era. She advocated for labor reform, helped pass the Illinois Factory Act in 1893, and later became a prominent advocate for workers' rights and social reform.

What job would a muckraker most likely have?

A muckraker would most likely have a job as a journalist or writer who investigates and exposes societal issues and injustices, aiming to provoke change or reform. Muckrakers are known for their investigative reporting that holds institutions or individuals accountable for their actions.

Why was linconsteffens a muckraker?

Linconsteffens was considered a muckraker because they were dedicated to investigating and exposing social injustices and corruption within society through their journalism. Their work aimed to bring attention to these issues and push for reform, holding those in power accountable for their actions.

What contribution did muckraker make to the reform?

The muckrakers investigated and exposed social, political, and economic corruption and problems through their publications. They brought the issues to the public's attention so that action could be taken to reform the problems.

What are Muckraker articles?

Muckraker articles were investigative journalism pieces that exposed corruption, injustices, and societal issues in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. These articles aimed to bring about social and political reform by shedding light on issues such as political corruption, labor abuses, and unsanitary living conditions. Muckrakers played a key role in raising public awareness and shaping public opinion during this period.

Did jesus teach reform judaism?

No. Reform Judaism started in Germany, in the 19th Century.

Serious attempts were made to reform the police during which century?

20th century

Why were women prominent in the reform crusades of the early nineteenth century?

Why were women prominent in the reform crusades of the early nineteenth century? What contributions did they make to social reform? Select three leaders and defend your selection of them as leaders.

How effective were 19Th century reform efforts to improve care for disabled?

by the end of the 19th century,reform efforts resulted in a constitutional amendment to allow women the right to vote

What was the main concern of Renaissance writing?

The main idea is Rebirth.--The Rebirth of a century.

Who initiated church reform in the sixth century?

Saint Benedict

In the sixth century church reform was initiated by?

Martin Luther