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Q: How did the US contribute to the rise of the Muslims extremist leaders in Afghanistan in the late twenties centre?
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What effect did the events of September 11 2001 have on Muslim Americans?

The events of September 11 2001, although they are political events happened under conspiracy agenda, but led to enmity feeling against Muslims. Media and biased propaganda falsified many facts about Islam and Muslims. They Accused Muslims, falsifuly, of being terrorists. The politicians exploited these events to cover their raids against Muslims all over the world, including Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestinian Territories, Lebanon, Pakistan, Bosnia, and many other countries. Do you think that if the same events happened by Christians, the media and politicians will accuse Christians of being terrorists and Christianity to be religion of terrorism? or if happened by Jews then they will accuse Jews for being terrorists and Judaism to be religion of terrorism?. I know the answer but I leave for you the opportunity to think about the answer and the reason behind the answer.

Do Muslims spit before serving food?

Yes Muslims can spit when fasting! I have!

Nearly 90 percent of the people of Indonesia are?


The goal of the crusades was to?

to recapture holy lands from Muslims

Why did Osama bin Laden attack America?

He belived that if he save Muslims from USA he will go to heaven because USA attack Afghanistan , Palestine "using isreal" , Iraq and Islam in general . and it is war between each other and at war both side attack each other. so now after we had killed Osama Bin Laden, two of his fellow terrorists avenged Osama, killing 80 inocent civilians. (date unknown)

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Not all Muslims are extremist.

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What percentage of sunni Muslims in Afghanistan?

In Afghanistan, approximately 99 percent of the population is Muslim, and of those 80-85% are Sunni Muslims. In Afghanistan, most Sunni Muslims belong to and follow the Hanafi school of teaching.

Do Muslims live in Afghanistan?

Yes. Over 99% of the population in Afghanistan is Muslim.

What is the major religious practice in Afghanistan?

Most people in Afghanistan are Shi'ite Muslims.

What do Afghanistan Muslims pray about?

They follow the same god all Muslims do and he is Allah

How many Muslims are Shiites?

Around 20% of Muslims are Shiites. Also many of Shiites hide their beliefs for dangers for a Shia living among Sunni Muslims containing extremist Takfiri Muslims.

What is the major religon in Afghanistan?

Afghanistan is is an Islamic Republic State in where 99.65% of Muslims are living.

Does Cheryl Cole like Muslims?

she might not and she might because she went to afghanistan to fight muslims!

Is it illegal to be an atheist in Malaysia?

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