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Q: How did the compromise of 1850 attempt to resolve conflicts over the expansion of slavery?
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What are the needs to resolve conflicts?

A good way to solve conflicts is to compromise. :)

The declaration of principles was an attempt to resolve conflicts between which two groups?

Israelis and Palestinians

Why dialogue can resolve conflicts in school between friends and teachers?

Talking to somebody is the easiest way to solve problems. You may have to compromise to solve conflicts.

How did England and the American colonies attempt to resolve their conflicts from colonization through the American revolution?

please i need help

How did Aphrodite resolve her conflicts?

Aphrodite often used her charm, beauty, and persuasive skills to resolve conflicts. She would try to appeal to the emotions of those involved and encourage compromise and reconciliation. In some myths, she would also utilize her powers of love and desire to bring about resolution.

What problem did the Missouri compromise attempt to resolve?

missori became slave state, and manie became free state and gave a solution to slavery

How do you work with and resolve conflicts that you are likely to meet?

The best way to work with, and resolve conflicts is following the in house policy and procedures.

Who has the power to resolve conflicts involving national laws?

The Supreme Court has the power to resolve conflicts involving national laws.

Strategies that can be employed to resolve behavioral conflicts?

conflicts arising out of attitudes, emotions and feelings are termed as behavioural conflicts. to resolve behavioural conflicts the following strategies are adopted: ignoring it, smoothing, compromising and solving

What laws did Millard Fillmore try to pass?

Fillmore supported the Compromise of 1850 which was Henry Clay's attempt to resolve the crisis over slavery and prevent a civil war.

What happens when you don't resolve conflicts?


Who helped negotiate both the Compromise of 1820 and the Compromise of 1850?

Henry Clay and President Andrew Jackson were the main players in the compromise of 1833. The compromise was in response to conflicts between the federal government and South Carolina over taxes.