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NO $10 bills printed before the 1960s have that motto on them so it's not an error. The motto was only added due to anti-communist hysteria of that era, as a way to distinguish the U.S. from the "godless communists".

As to the bill's value, you need to know its seal color and whether there is a small letter next to the date. For 1934 $10 bills auction prices as of 01/2009 are as follows. The higher price is for a bill in almost-new condition.

Blue seal:

1934: $13.-$25.

1934A: $13.-$30.

1934B: $50.-$300.

1934C,D: $20.-$60.

Green Seal:

1934: $12.-$20. for all series letters

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Q: How much would a 1934 ten dollar bill be worth that does not say In God we Trust?
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