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they both had men and women in it and well idont i love marco!

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Q: How were Jamestown Colony and Plymouth Colony alike?
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What are four differences between Jamestown and Plymouth?

Plymouth was a religious colony and Jamestown was founded for economic reasons. Plymouth had better relationships with the Native Americans. Plymouth Colony came to farm the land. Jamestown people started by looking for gold. Plymouth was ruled by a religious oligarchy. Jamestown was a royal colony.

Which colony eventually prospered Jamestown or Plymouth?

Jamestown eventually prospered.

Did Squanto help the Jamestown colonists?

No, Squanto saved Plymouth Colony. Jamestown was in Virginia. Plymouth was in Massachusetts.

Why Plymouth was better than Jamestown?

Plymouth Colony was better than Jamestown Colony because it was more organized in Plymouth Colony. The people knew who was in charge and they obeyed orders and worked together. Jamestown was not organized and there was also a deep resentment from the Native Americans there.

Where were Jamestown Plymouth colony and new Amsterdam?

Jamestown, Virginia. Plymouth, Massachusetts. New Amsterdam, New York

Who were the Jamestown and Plymouth leaders?

Plymouth Colony (sometimes New Plymouth, or Plymouth Bay Colony) was an English colonial venture in North America from 1620 to 1691.

Which colony would you rather live in Plymouth or Jamestown?

Plymouth because there was only women in Jamestown at the time of the 1600s and im not a boy.........if i was a boy i would have chosen Jamestown.....

Which colony was settled just one year after Jamestown Plymouth Roanoke New Amsterdam or Quebec?

Plymouth was founded right after Jamestown but i don't think it was a year after Jamestown..

How were the Plymouth colony and the Massachusetts Bay colony alike?

Each sought religiuos freedom

What are some historical events in the colony of Virginia?

Jamestown, Plymouth, & Roanoke

What was the very first successful colony?

Since Plymouth did not survive, Jamestown was the first successful colony.

Where did the second attempt to establish an England colony?

If you count Roanoke as the first colony, then, it would be Jamestown. If you count Jamestown as the first, then it would be Plymouth.

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