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If you produced tobacco in one of the southern colonies in the late Colonial Era you were a very important financial asset to your government. These tobacco producers did have a say in their colonial government for this reason.

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Q: If you produced tobacco in one of the southern colonies in the late Colonial Era did you have a say in the colonial government?
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What is the definition of colonial discourse?

The general area within which this study operates could then be named colonial discourse, meaning by that term an ensemble of linguistically-based practices unified by their common deployment in the management of colonial relationships, an ensemble that could combine the most formulaic and bureaucratic of official documents - say the Capitulations issued by the Catholic Monarchs to Christopher Columbus in 1492 - with the most non-functional and unprepossessing of romantic novels - say Shirley Graham's The Story of Pocohantas. Underlying the idea of colonial discourse, in other words is the presumption that during the colonial period large parts of the non-European world were produced for Europe through a discourse that imbricated sets of questions and assumptions, methods of procedure and analysis, and kinds of writing and imagery, normally separated out into the discrete areas of military strategy, political order, social reform, imaginative literature, personal memoir and so on. But, as a case study, this book operates on a particular geographical ideological terrain within that general area, which is to say that there is no presumption that the key tropes and narratives analyzed here would play as central a role within colonial discourse in general.Hulme, Peter. Colonial Encounters p.2

What products in the southern colonies?

the products produced in the southern colonies were tobacco,rice,indigo,a little fish,and timber.They also trade slaves with other states or countries.

Why did England prize its North American colonies because?

The colonies provided goods that they didn't have in England. One items produced was cotton in the southern states that went to the English mills.

What did the southern colonists import?

since there was fertile soil, the southen colonies produced many vegetables, like the famous tobacco. since there was fertile soil, the southen colonies produced many vegetables, like the famous tobacco.

Why did the US government lose tax in prohibition?

Because the government couldn't collect taxes on illegally produced alcoholic beverages.

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If you produced tobacco in one of the southern colonies in the late Colonial Era could you have say so in your colonial government?

Only the southern states produced tobacco.

What is a colonial shilling?

Colonial shilling is a very broad term. It would be a certain type of coin produced by the British for their colonies.

What is a colonial coin?

A colonial coin is a coin made for or used in a colony. For example, in the American colonies, the local governments produced coins for local use, because the English did not provide sufficient supply. Colonial coins were also produced by some individuals in the American colonies, and a few were produced in other countries and shipped to North America. Some colonial coins were minted in the UK for British colonies, and this went on well into the 20th century.

What was colonial manufacturing?

Colonial manufacturing refers to goods produced in colonies. Many European colonies in the East were used as sites of manufacturing because the labor costs were lower in these countries.

When was the Colonial Nissan produced?

Colonial Nissan sells NIssan products. There Nissan products are produced in the USA and Mexico. Please note Colonial Nissan is a dealer and does not sell its own products.

What happened to many of the goods and services produced in colonial New York?

They were sold there and some were shipped to other colonies or sold in England.

What did The plantations in colonial Northeastern Brazil produced?


In New England did thet have cash crops?

According to Historians, the New England colonies in the colonial period produced cash crops specifically in the areas of fishing and lumber.

Which jobs in colonial America involved supplying raw products?

There were many of them. You had logging, fishing, and farming in the northern colonies, and then of course the plantations in the south that produced tobacco and cotton, mostly.

In 1652 the first colonial mint?

yes the first colonial mint opened in 1652 but the first coins produced where only made for four months.

What did many colonial plantations in the present day United states produced?

Corn , coal , and meat

What were some restrictions of English mercantilism on the colonial economies?

Due to government inefficiency, the restrictions of English mercantilism on the colonial economies was ineffective. The English government had passed several mercantile laws known as the Navigation Acts. Only English ships could carry cargo between foreign ports. Certain goods could not be shipped to any place in Europe other than Britain. Parliament would pay rewards to the colonies, by imposing tariffs. Americans were forbidden competition withe English companies.