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Q: Is it true that The judicial branch exercises control over the president through judicial review of presidential action?
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What branch of government can control patronage?

judicial branch

How does the Supreme Court use judicial review to control the power of Congress and the President?

It evaluates laws, executive orders, and policies and makes sure they're constitutional.

Which branch of government has ultimate control?

No branch of government has ultimate control. Thankfully we have something called separation of powers (checks and balances). Example Congress legislative branch make laws. the president executive branch enforces them. the courts the judicial branch decides whether the law are constitutional. They interpret the law. Sadly over the years congress and given powers and extended the powers to the president.

What check on power does the president have on congress?

The President, or the "Executive Branch", as its called, proposes laws - which Congress (the "Legislative Branch") then can either act on or ignore. Its the Supreme Court (the "Judicial Branch") that acts to 'check' the powers of Congress, by the ability to overturn laws that are unconstitutional. The President nominates Supreme Court justices, who then have to be approved by the Senate, so its a big circular power exchange.... The Executive Branch has a number of ways to control the powers of Congress. There is the Presidential veto. There is the appointment of judges and other Federal officers.

How did the executive legastive and judicial governments worked together?

Checks and balances is important to check the constution and make sure that the president makes the right law. When the president makes a law people can check whether it fits the constution and if it is helpful to the citizen. When there is no judicial branch no one can check the constution. When there is no executive branch, there is no approval on the law made by the president. When there is no legeslative branch, there is no one to make the law because there is no president. When there is no judicial branch or executive, the president could make as much as laws as he want. And the law could be for himself. When this happens, things could happen like what happened to Fujimori. Fujimori had total control over the country. As a result he went to jail. This is how the three branches all work together really well. As a matter of fact none of the branches can overule each other.

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Who has to approve a presidential pardon?

The president is in complete control, he doesn't need approval

Why did the Federalist control the Judicial Branch when Thomas Jefferson became President?

the federalists don't control the judicial branch, they just keep it in check so that it won't become too powerful and be able to do anything it wants.

Which president began the era of greater presidential control over the budgeting process?

F. Roosevelt

In what ways have independent regulatory commissions been protected from presidential control?

The officials, that are head of the commisions usually have longer terms than the president. So the president wouldn't be able to gain control over these commissions.

What branch of government can control patronage?

judicial branch

What are different branches in Taiwan?

1 Legislative 2 The president of republic and vice president 3 Executie yuan 4 The judicial Yuan 5 The national Yuan 6 The control Yuan

How does the Supreme Court judicial review to control the power of congress and the president?

It evaluates laws, executive orders, and policies and makes sure they're constitutional.

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Kegel exercises are beneficial in that they help control the muscles which control ones bladder. Women who are pregnant often do kegel exercises to help strengthen their pelvic muscles.

How did US President John Tyler increase presidential control of information to Congress?

The ever developing presidential claim to control the flow of information, and deny Congress and the public of official actions, was given a boast by President John Tyler. In 1843, Congress asked for Army reports on the Cherokee land frauds. Tyler denied Congress its request. He used the occasion to add a new category to the list of presidential discretion. That being the ability to not release any information on ongoing investigations.

Which clause has been cited by presidents as the basis for the assertion of inherent powers?

This is the Presidential executive order. It allows the President to have complete control in times of emergency in the country.

Who has control of judicial power?

supreme court

How does the president keep the whole country under control?

With the checks and balances system also used by the Legislative and Judicial branches, who check the the president's usage of authority and keep him under control.