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Q: Only about 33 of the colonists actually supported the fight for independence during the Revolutionary War.?
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What percent of the colonists actually supported the fight for Independence during the American Revolutionary War A Only 33 B 67 C 91 D 58 percent?

True, only 33 percent of the colonists actually supported the fight for Independence during the American Revolutionary War.

Only about 33 percent of the colonist actually supported the fight for independence during the Revolutionary war?


What year did the colonists declare themselves free?

They declared independence in 1776 with the Declaration of Independence.However, they were not actually their own nation until the end of the Revolutionary War, in 1783.

What person started the Revolutionary War?

The colonists were the people who started the revolutionary war. They wanted freedom from Britain, so they made the Declaration of Independence. They also chose George Washington as the leader for the army. Actually King George the 3rd started the tax acts which then led to the Revolutionary War

Did the declaration of independence address the rights of all colonists?

The Declaration of Independence actually declared the rights of only men, not women or slaves. The Constitution addressed all colonists rights including women

Which war is known as the war of independence?

There have actually been many wars of independence in history. But if you live in the US, then "the war of independence" usually refers to the American Revolutionary War.

What is America's war for independence known as?

americas war of independence is also known as the revolutionary war, but that is not what is meant to be called, it is actually the war of indepence.

Is it a fact that only about 33 percent of the colonists actually supported the fight for independence during the Revolutionary War?

It is a debatable fact since the number of Loyalists would have included those wary of antagonizing their Patriot neighbors. However, it is doubtful that the Colonial Army could have survived without the support of the majority of the residents of the respective colonies. There were probably an equal number of businesses within the British-controlled areas that dared not openly support independence.

How was the colony British North America managed?

The UK relatively left the colonies to themselves. But once they saw that the colonies were prospering and actually doing better than the homeland, they got more involved, mainly by imposing taxes on the colonists. This angered the colonists and this is the main reason for the Revolutionary War and American independence.

How did the battle of Saratoga influence the french?

The Battle of Saratoga played a huge influence on the French. The fact that the colonists won a decisive victory proved to the French that the colonists could actually fight. The French were eager to get back at the British because of their humiliating loss in the French and Indian War, and saw a chance to get revenge and increase their power by becoming involved in the American Revolutionary War. Mainly due to Saratoga, the French decided to enter in the colonists war for independence.

Which two countries helped America to fight revolutionary war?

There are actually 3 countries who helped fight the revolution. France was the primary provider of assistance, mostly because they were against the British any way that they could be. While Germany had some people that supported the colonists, many of the British troops were Mercenaries from German states. Spain

Why might british leaders have feltthe colonists were sending mixed messeges about independence?

Maybe to scare them to get them annoyed and then they would actually do it at the end.Cause they wouldn't take the pain.

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