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Q: The Compromise of 1850 which endorsed the idea of popular sovereignty essentially disregarded which previous piece of legislation?
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Why did Stephen Douglas propose repealing the Missouri Compromise?

Douglas wanted to abandon the Missouri Compromise because he wanted to put in place his own Kansas- Nebraska Act. This act would expand railroads and allow territories to choose for themselves if they wanted to be free or slave states.

Was popular sovereignty before the mossouri compromise?

No. It was after the Compromise of 1850 was failing to hold.

What act in essence repealed the Missouri Compromise by allowing popular sovereignty in territories that had been legally closed to slavery?

The Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854 essentially repealed the Missouri Compromise (1820) by allowing new states to determine whether slavery would be allowed there or not.

Repealed the Missouri compromise by instituting popular sovereignty?

Kansas-Nebraska Act

What does Douglas call the leading feature of the 1850 compromise?

He called it Popular Sovereignty

The great compromise led to the?

creation of a bicameral Congress

Happy endings in comedies are essentially a reward for a character's?


Did the north like popular sovereignty?

No most northerners did not like popular sovereignty because it violated the Missouri compromise. The South was in favor of popular sovereignty because it allowed the people to decide if slavery would be allowed in a new territory.

Who was the speakers is a supporter of popular sovereignty?

Stephen A. Douglas suggested dropping the Missouri compromise's ban on slavery. Instead, popular sovereignty (the vote of the residents) would decide the issue.

How did the great compromise resolve the debate?

The great compromise resolved the debate by creating two houses of legislation. This is how the House of Representatives and the Senate were formed.

What legislation said that no other state north of an established boundary could enter the Union as a slave state?

The Missouri Compromise (1820)

In the compromise of 1850 and the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854 popular sovereignty was proposed as a way to?

'Popular Sovereignty' was the term coined by Stephen Douglas for a local vote on slavery in each new state as it joined the Union. It was the basis of the Kansas-Nebraska Act, which was first tested - disastrously - when Kansas was admitted as free soil. This followed the unsuccessful Compromise of 1850, which did not involve Popular Sovereignty.