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Q: The Mayflower Compact was the first time that the colonists declared their independence from the English government?
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How did the declaration of independence reflect the colonists ideas about government?

The Declaration of Independence was the document which declared independence of the colonists from Great Britain, making their independence "official."

Why the colonists declared independence.?

It was wrong.the British government ruled everyone and everything and the colonists didn't like it.

Why did the colonists take up arms against the English government?

The colonists declared independence from Britain due to unfair taxes and tyranny. They declared there independence on July 4th ,1776.

Which Enlightenment ideal were the colonists upholding when they declared their independence?

that government should exist by the consent of the people.

What did the colonists do When they declared their independence from England?

they partied

When they declared their independence from England?

What you are asking is the second half of a question. The beginning is not stated, but it might be something like this: "What new form of government did the American colonists adopt when they declared their independence from England?" The answer being democracy.

Who was the king of England when American colonist declared their independence?

American colonists' declared their independence in1776. The English King at the time was George III.

What did colonists do to upset the British?

The colonists were British and when they declared independence they were seen as traitors by the king.

When they declared their independence from England the colonists?

renounced the use of the English language

The colonists declared their independence from England on July 4?

No, but they did in 1776.

Actions takebn by the American colonists that started the American Revolution?

They declared their Independence.

The Declaration of Independence declared Americans free from British rule what is a reason why the Americans declared independence?

The colonists were forced to pay many taxes without agreeing to them