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De facto segregation, which is caused by circumstances rather than law.

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Q: The Supreme Court has strictly limited the government's ability to combat which type of segregation?
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Which of the following Supreme Court cases expanded governments' ability to take over private property for the purpose of redevelopment?

Answer this questHernandez v. Texas ion…

What checks do the other two branches of governments have on the judicial branch?

The Executive Branch (or, in particular, the president) appoints the Supreme Court Justices to their position. For the Legislative Branch: If the Supreme Court were to rule some act as "unconstitutional", the Legislature has the ability to create an amendment to the constitution.

The ability to run state governments without federal intervention?

Under home rule, it was established that the ability to run state governments could be done without federal intervention

How did Plessy v Ferguson make the fight against segragation more diffucult?

Plessy v Ferguson, a Supreme Court case in 1896, established the "separate but equal" doctrine, which allowed for racial segregation in public facilities as long as they were equal in quality. This decision strengthened segregation laws and made it more difficult to challenge them legally. It provided a legal basis for continuing racial discrimination and limited the ability of those fighting against segregation to argue that it violated the rights of African Americans.

What are the appellate powers of the Supreme Court?

the ability to say no

What are the appelate powers of the supreme court?

the ability to say no

How were governments officials chosen?

based on their ability to pass strict tests

Who has the ability to determine the number of justice on the Supreme Court?


Who has the ability to determine the numbers of justices of the supreme court?


What was the supreme courts ability to interpret the constitution called?


What was it called when blacks and whites used different fountains and went to different schools?

Segregation. Any time a person/group are separated by age, race, religion, ability, or gender it is discrimination and segregation.

What is the supreme courts ability to declare a law unconstitutional?

Checks and balances