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Line-item veto.

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Q: The ability to veto only part of a piece of legislation is known as?
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Why is it so vitally important that technology neutral legislation be developed and passed?

Because technology changes rapidly and new technology is always being created. If legislation was limited to only applying to defined technology, it would not apply to technology developed after the legislation was drafted. As such the legislation would need to be constantly updated with the latest technology to remain applicable.

Nature and scope of delegated legislation?

Types of delegated legislationTYPES OF DELEGATED LEGISLATION :Delegated Legislation is a term which covers the vast amount of legislation made by government agencies and the Governor-General under authority of Acts of Parliaments, which delegate this power to agencies. This type of legislation is also known as Subordinate Legislation or, since 2005, Legislative Instruments. Within the broad area of Delegated Legislation the following more specific terms are sometimes used:RegulationThe most common form of delegated legislation. Used for legislation of general application emanating from a government department. Published in the Statutory Rules series until 2004 and in the Select Legislative Instrument series from 2005RuleLegislation specifying procedural formalities, eg court procedures such as the High Court Rules. Published in the Statutory Rules series until 2004OrdinancePrimary legislation of non self governing territories, made by a federal government department to apply to a particular territory. Also used for the legislation of some State local government bodies.By-lawMade by a statutory corporation having effect only within the area of responsibility of the authority. Also used for the legislation of some State local government bodiesThere is also a range of other delegated legislation which includes: Decisions, Declarations, Determinations, Directions, Orders, etc.

Who is John A Piece?

Did John A. Piece write his quote Communication is not only the essence of being human ,but also a vital property of life

Do Special interest groups have an opportunity to propose legislation for their own benefit?

In the US, at least, interest groups, like individual citizens, can encourage legislators to propose legislation for any purpose they wish. At the federal level, only a Senator or member of the House of Representatives can officially introduce a bill for Congressional consideration.

Why were the electors from only 11 states involved in the first election?

Only electors in eleven states were involved in the first election because Rhode Island and North Carolina had not yet ratified the Constitution. Vermont , at the time, was an unrecognized state and New York had a Legislation that had become deadlocked.

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When can the vice president cast a vote in the Senate?

only when there is a tie vote on a piece of legislation

Health And Safety in Employment Act applicable to all nations?

This Act, as with all legislation, is applicable only in the sovereign territory of the nation whose legislature passed it. There is no single piece of legislation that is itself applicable in all nations.

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Which house of congress has the right to initiate legislation?

Either house can initiate most legislation, but only the House of Representatives can initiate legislation for generating revenue.

Does the Indiana governor have the ability to grant a reprieve?

The governor of Florida, and all states for that matter, is the only one who has the ability to grant a reprieve to a prisoner. It is also known as a pardon.

How can the president introduce legislation to the Congress?

The President has the opportunity to establish an agenda for Congress by advocating for specific policies. Presidents also have the ability to use their position to take their case directly to the American people, which can impact public opinion, and consequently, impact Congress.

What reforms bills has Obama gotten passed?

Obamacare is really the only major piece of legislation that Obama has gotten passed. By executive order he has loosened immigration restrictions and removed sexual conduct restrictions from the military.

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