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Q: The power of veto is what type of power of the nations executive branch?
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Which type of power is the power veto of the nation's executive branch?


The power of veto is which type of power of the nation's executive branch?

its not inherit the actual answer is expressed

What type of power is the power to make treaties with foreign countries?

The power to make treaties with foreign countries is typically considered an executive power held by the government's executive branch. In the United States, this power belongs to the president as outlined in the Constitution.

What type of government has the power to run for elections granted?

um, i think it is the executive branch. you know, the three branches of government.

Which government branch interprets our laws?

The Judicial Branch interprets the laws. The Legaslative Branch makes the laws. The Executive Branch carries out the laws.

What form of government is the executive branch held separately from the legislative branch?


What type of executive does New York City have?

The head of the Executive Branch of New York City is the Mayor. The Legislative Branch is the City Council, which is led by the Council Speaker. The Judicial Branch is composed of criminal and civil courts of the City of New York.

What type of government does Burkina Faso have?

Burkina faso has a republic government, and is on the executive branch. :))

What kind of republic does Colombia have?

Columbia has a federal republic type of government. The government has executive, judicial, and legislative branches. The leader of the executive branch is the President.

What type of government does North Dakota have?

South Dakota's governmental structure is based on that of the Federal Government. South Dakota has a bicameral legislature, an independent judiciary and a strong executive branch.

Who is directly subordinate to the Installation Commander?

Depending on the service branch and installation type, either the Executive Officer of Chief of Staff.

What is a type of government where only a few people have power?

Executive i assume. Since it has the president and such.