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Q: The president is elected to be a public servant and work for the federal government. What are two groups of people that are elected to work for the federal government?
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Is Congressman Patrick Murphy a public servant or a public official?

Congressman Patrick Murphy is a Political Office Holder, an elected official and representative to the federal government for the people of the 8th Congressional district of Pennsylvania; as such he is also a Public Servant.

What are civil servant?

Civil servants are employees of the government who are neither elected nor appointed.

What is a civil servant in Ireland?

It is someone who works for the government, but is not an elected official. So it could be someone working in an office in a government department.

Is the president of Ghana a civil servant?

Yes, the president of Ghana is a governmental employee and is paid wages by the government.

Civil servants is another name for?

federal employees hired on merit

What are the Differences between civil servant and public servant?

what are the difference between civil servant and public servant public servant is a person elected or appointed to serve public

Does the French president have to be Christian according to the French constitution?

The French President does not have to be Christian (or any faith). In fact, that would be contrary to the principles of French constitution if you had to be of a particular faith to be elected or recruited as a civil servant.

What is difference between civil and public servant in Nigeria?

A Civil Servant is a Government worker who works in the core ministry while a Public servant is government worker who is a professional and works in Government agency or parastatal

What Andrew Johnson do before being president?

He was a tailor before he entered public servant. As an elected official, he held virtually every available office from city alderman and mayor on up the senator.

People who serve in the government are known as civil?

civil servant or public servant.

What is a person hired into a federal position called?

A Federal civil servant, or more commonly a bureaucrat.

Who was the first President of Indian National Congress?

Though the initiative was taken by a British Civil Servant Allan Octavian Hume to form an Indian National Congress; but the first elected President was Womesh Chandra Bonnerjee.