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Q: What are TWO ways government corporations are different than private corporations?
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Why might a corporation choose to remain private?

Private corporations have different reporting requirements than public corporations. They also allow a tighter level of control for the ownership.

Are more large corporations public or private?

Assuming "large" refers to revenues, no clear way to answer that because private corporations do not have to disclose that type of information, like a publicly traded company. Basic logic and anecdotal evidence suggest that there are more "large" public corporations than private ones.

Why do many businesses and corporations send W2 forms at the January 31 deadline rather than at an earlier date?

Corporations have different tax deadlines than individuals do. Check out the IRS web site.

How did the Roosevelt's ideas on the nation's economic problems differ from previous presidents?

If the private sector could not solve the problems than government would;

Are private student loans more financially advantageous than student loans through the government?

Student loans through the government are better than private loans due to the fact that the government does not have as high of interest on the loans, and you get a longer time to pay them back.

Which college is better government or private?

government colleges better than private colleges in private colleges teachers must aware their course and they finish their syllabus on time , and if we talk about govt colleges they don't care about their subject .

Why is the US a mixed economy?

It is part private business ownership, part government. Education, police, fire protection, road building and maintenance are all run government programs, rather than operated by the private sector.

The president is in a different branch than the judiciary branch of government.?

The President is in a different branch than the judiciary branch of government.

How was government in japan different than government in china?

No that is why I am asking

There are four different kinds of bureaucracies Which of these do the others report to?

In the United States of America, there are four different kinds of bureaucracies: departments, independent agencies, independent regulatory commissions, and government corporations. While departments were originally intended to be the largest and most important of government bureaucracies, many independent agencies are larger in terms of both staffs and budgets than many departments.

Where does welfare funding come from?

From the "little people" who work and pay taxes and actually pay more than the corporations (who can claim to be based in the Cayman Islands and pay $0 in US taxes) and a larger percentage of their incomes than hedge fund managers, whose taxes are capped at 15%. Instead of complaining about this disparity, the average American prefers to blame the poor and infirm instead of a bought and paid for US government of the corporations, by the corporations and for the corporations! (In the previous sentence feel free to substitute "rich" for corporations!

How is the government different today than it was in the 1700s?

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