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To gain public interest by going on talkshows, radios, conferences, etc...

To downplay other candidates

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Q: What are two examples of how a president might use the mass media to influence the public?
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What is private media?

Private media is basically advertisements that are not released to the public. Some examples include encrypted YouTube videos where a password is required and the President's daily threat report.

How does the media influence the public opinion?

They speak the truth.

How do the media influence the public opinion?

speak the truth

What do you call the interests of the media industry that influence which stories reach the public?

Media bias

How does the media influence voters and public opinion?

They speak the truth.

Where does the civil rights commission report its findings?

Congress and the President and, through the Media, to the Public.

Does the media have an influence on the law?

Yes, the media can influence the law by shaping public opinion and putting pressure on policymakers. Media coverage can highlight issues, mobilize public support, and impact legislative decisions and court rulings. However, the extent of this influence can vary depending on factors such as the nature of the issue, public sentiment, and political dynamics.

What represents the president to the news media and the public?

press Secretary

How do elites influence public opinion?

money, status, media manipulation, etc.

How did the media influence public opinion durning war?

look it up duuhh

Which person relays information to the American public answers questions from the media and acts as a spokesperson for the president and his or her administration?

The press secretary acts as spokesperson to the president and relays information to the American public, and answers questions from the media.

What evidence can you give that the mass media influence public opinion?

Increased television viewership and the print media are evidences that proves that mass media influences public education. The internet penetration of the internet is another clear evidence.