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Q: What did southerners wont congress to do about enslaved people who had fled to the north?
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What did southerners want congress to do about enslaved people who had fled to the north?

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What is the number of enslaved people in the North on 1860?

number of enslaved people

What do southerners call people from the north?

Some southerners from the US call people from the north Northerners while there are some that call them Yankees. Others simply call them by their first name.

How did north count their enslaved people?

There was not slaves in the north. Discrimination, yes. Slaves, no.

Which section north or south had enslaved African Americans why?

South enslaved because they needed people to pick the cotton and other harvest

Did the abolitionist in the north help enslaved people escape to freedom on the Underground Railroad?


Why were enslaved people taken to north and south America?

Because they wanted to secretly bang them.

What were people in the north called once the south seceded?

The people from/in the North can be referred to as Northerners or more often, Unionists. The Southerners, however, preferred to call them Yankees.

What is one way that life for enslaved people was diffrent in the south than in the north?

There was no slavery in the North.

Did northerners or southerners believe in a national government?

South had no government. The North was established and had the United States constitution as well as the leadership of the president, a military, and congress.

What did many writers in the north feel about people in the south?

They felt that Southerners did not value education and hard work.

What did the north call the south?