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Q: What is the congressional function in which congress monitors federal agency performance and holds hearings to inquire about agency policies?
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Does congress hold a congressional hearing?

Yes, Congress has the power to hold congressional hearings. These hearings provide a platform for members of Congress to gather information, conduct investigations, and hold government officials and other individuals accountable for their actions. Congressional hearings can cover a wide range of topics and can have significant implications for policymaking and public accountability.

Where are all the speeches votes and hearings of the congress published each day?

congressional record.

Where are all the speeches votes and hearings of congress each day?

congressional record.

Congressional committee hearings on alleged misdeeds or scandals are called?


What is the difference between congressional hearings and congressional investigations?

A hearing is more formal than an investigation.

What are congressional activities?

Congressional activities refer to the actions and responsibilities undertaken by members of the United States Congress as they carry out their legislative duties. This includes introducing and debating bills, conducting hearings, overseeing the federal budget, and representing constituents in their home districts. Overall, congressional activities are focused on crafting and passing legislation that reflects the interests and needs of the American people.

What are some examples of congressional oversight?

legislative hearings audits of the executive branch

What role does congress fulfill when holding special hearings or investigations?

Congress is fulfilling its role of oversight when it holds hearings or conducts investigations. Congress is one of the three branches of government.

Does the fifth amendment freedom from self incrimination apply to congressional hearing?

Yes, the 5th Amendment freedom from self-incrimination does apply in Congressional hearings and was frequently invoked during the McCarthy era in House Un-American Activities Committee hearings.

How do you know what happens in congress?

You can stay informed about what happens in Congress through various means. You can follow news sources that cover congressional activities, such as media outlets and news websites. Additionally, you can visit official congressional websites and committees' webpages to access information on legislation, committee hearings, and voting records. Social media platforms and email newsletters from your representatives can also keep you updated on congressional matters.

What is it called When members of Congress hold a hearing to question a cabinet member on how a law is being carried out?

It is called a congressional oversight hearing. During these hearings, members of Congress have the opportunity to question and gather information from cabinet members regarding the implementation and effectiveness of laws and policies.

What has the author Jeanne K Andriot written?

Jeanne K. Andriot has written: 'Checklist & index of Congressional hearings, 1958-1960' -- subject(s): Bibliography, Legislative hearings