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Q: What percentage of the American flag is white red and blue?
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What were the colors that are on the American flag?

the colors on the American flag are red, white, and blue

What are the color of the stars in the American flag?

The colors of the American flag are easy to remember. They are red, white, and blue. There are seven red stripes and six white stripes. There are also 50 white stars against a blue background. The thirteen stripes symbolize the thirteen original colonies of the United States.

What three colours are on the australian british and american flag?

the australian colours are blue white and red the american is white blue and the british is red white and blue

What does the blue stripe on the american flag mean?

There are no blue stripes on the American Flag. There are red and white stripes for each of the original 13 colonies. The blue part in the left corner with 50 stars is for the 50 states. The blue is because America's colors are red, white, and blue.

What are colers of the American flag?

red, white and blue where have you been?

Why are the Phillies' colors red white and blue?

the American flag is red,white,and blue philly is the city of brotherly love and has the liberty bell, so the phillies are American

What US flag has a white bison on a blue field?

Wyoming's flag has an American Bison in the center (as the state's nickname is the "Buffalo State"). The white bison is charged in a field of blue; the boarder of the flag is white and red.

What colors are on the American flag besides red white and blue?

Answer'America' does not have a flag. It consists of 30 countries, each with their own very different flag designs and colours used therein.AnswerSemantics aside, there is no other color on the American flag besides red, white and blue.

What are some of the colors for the flag representing Cuba?

Just like the American flag, the Cuban flag is red white and blue. It is similar in design to the Puerto Rican flag, but the color schemes are opposite.

What was the color of the union flag?

The color of the Union flag was red, white, and blue. It looks similar to the modern American flag.

What are the colors of the American flag and how many stars and stripes does it here?

The colors of the American flag are RED, WHITE, and BLUE. And it has 50 STARS.

What is the color of tha American flag?

Red and white stripes and a blue field with white stars.