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sacred Honor "...we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor."

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2007-11-18 17:40:51
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What three things did the signers of the Declaration of Independence pledge to each other

Why did France help the Americans in the revolutionary war

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Under the Articles of Confederation Congress had no power to collect taxes True or False

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Q: What three things did the signers of the Declaration of Independence pledge to each other?
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What three things do the signers of the declaration or independence promise to risk in order to fight for independence?

I dotNt know

Why was the Texas Declaration of Independence similar to the American Declaration of Independence?

both stated the same things

How can you describe the Declaration of Independence?

I can describe the declaration of independence a good thing because that was where the countries separated and they had their own things.

What are some destructive things that the signers of the declaration felt made it necessary to create a new government?


What was three good things about the declaration of independence?

its what gave us our independence from england

11 important things about the Declaration of Independence?

When the Congress were declared the traitors by royal decree they did respond by issuing Declaration of Independence.

How did Thomas Jefferson change things for the United States by writing the Declaration of Independence?

We got laws by im signing the Declaration of Independence

What important things did Thomas Jefferson do?

He wrote the Declaration of Independence.

What special things did John Hancock do?

He signed the Declaration of Independence.

What were two things that were left out by the declaration of independence?

nothing and nothing

What three things does the Declaration of Independence state?

The American Declaration of Independence states a lot more than three things. It's essentially the summary to Britain as to why the colonies wanted their independence and how they thought the country should be run.

What are the similarities between Mayflower Compact and Declaration of Independence?

they were both documents and declared things. But the writers were demanding different things. Like the writer for the declaration wanted independence. The compact didn't

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Who was the French aristocrat that used his own money to support the patriots fight the British?

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