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They told the people what they wanted to hear and played on their fears or emotions.

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Q: What was 1 way fascists leaders gained popular support in the 1920 and 1930?
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One way fascist leaders in the 1920s and 1930s gained popular support was by?


What was true of both Richard nixion and Ronald Reagan?

they gained popular support by speaking out against communism in the united states

What best describes the method juan peron to gain political support in Argentina?

He gained the support of the workers.

How did both the Italian Fascists and the German Nazis gain power?

The Italian Fascists and the German Nazis gained power by recruiting the youth and intimidation through the use of force. Once established as a power, quickly controlling other areas led to the increased power levels.

How are the leaders in Cuba selected?

People in Chile vote for them to be their leader. And that's how the leaders are chosen in Chile.

Why do you think the 17th amendment gained wide public support?

It gained support because people got to vote for their Senators.

What was true of both Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan?

They gained popular support by speaking out against Communists in the United States.

What European feudal leaders who gained more power during the crusades?

The Nobels

How Luther's reactions to the peasants'war gained him support from?


How does oligarchy leaders gain power?

An Oligarchy gained power because they were wealthy, aristocrats.

Monarchs gained the support and respect of their subjects by?

maintaining Peace

How did the monarchs and republics of the fifteenth century use and abuse their newly consolidated power?

The rulers gained permanent taxation powers from the representative assemblies, and were thus less dependent upon popular support.