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Q: What was the government like in 1600's colonial Pennsylvania?
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What does Pennsylvania's colonial flag look like?

Google Pennsylvania colonial flag under images

What was the food and jobs like in 1600s colonial New York?


Did colonial Pennsylvania live like the puritans?


What were colonial Pennsylvania homes like?


What did colonial Pennsylvania look like?

Colonial Pennsylvania had the Appalachian mountains run through pretty much the middle of the colony.

What was ship building like in colonial Pennsylvania?

It was boring

What was the economy like in the 1600s colonial Delaware?

it was bad because the chicken couldn't cross the road

What was Pennsylvania's economy like in the 1600s?

very EASY, farmers had to sell they're own cropps.

What was the government like in colonial Pennsylvania?

it had a wonderful economy

What was colonial Pennsylvania's education like?

it was bad, ughly, and stupif

How was money made in colonial Pennsylvania?

Like most of the colonies Pennsylvania made money in agriculture (crops and cattle) and manufacturing (cloth and shipbuilding).

What was government like in colonial times in Virginia?

It was a direct democracy.