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The American rebels in the American Revolution were fighting for their rights and their country against the mother country, Britain. On the other hand, the Loyalists remained supportive of Britain against the rebels in the war.

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Q: What was the position of American Rebels in comparison to the position of Loyalists?
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Loyalist in a sentence?

Loyalists to the right, rebels to the left, please... Many of the American colonists were Loyalists.

What did the colonists call the loyalists?


Was Puerto Rico in the Spanish American war?

Yes it fought as Spanish Loyalists and as rebels against Spain.

What the patriots called the loyalists?


What were colonists who chose to side with the British known as?


What were the different between the loyalists and the patriots?

Loyalists were those in support of the British Parliament (loyal to Britain) during the American Revolution. Patriots were in support of America's independence (rebels) and fought the British.

What did the rebels call people who remain loyal?

In the American revolutionary war, the people who remained loyal to the king were called Loyalists or Tories.

Label given to the colonists who sided with the British in this conflict?

Loyalists/ Tories were the label given to the colonists who sided with the British during the American Revolutionary War. They believed in remaining loyal to the British monarchy and government.

Rebels where called what who remained loyal to England?

Loyalists or Tories.

What did patriots and loyalists favor?

Loyalists remained loyal (hence their name) to the Crown.

What did the rebels call people who remained loyal to England?


How were loyalist affected by the American revolution?

Loyalists were favoured by the British government, which did it's best to protect them, but they were still often harrassed (extensively) by rebels. After the outbreak of hostilities during the American Revolution, some loyalists joined militia units to fight for the Crown, while still others enlisted as regulars.