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the establishment of assemblies

the abandonment of past customs

a search for knowledge to strengthen imperial rule

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Q: What were goals of the Meiji government?
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What government did Meiji adopt?


What was the goals of the meiji reformers?

The most common goal was to expand democracy.

How and Why did the Meiji government modernize Japan?

It happens

Why did the samurai accept positions in Meiji government?

Government positions were prestigious.

How did Japan's meiji government differ from Japan's tokugawa shogun?

The Tokugawa Bakufu was ruled by a shogun, or military leader. The government of Meiji Japan was led by an Emperor.

What did the Meiji constitution not establish as part of the government?

the President!

The Meiji government in Japan did what?

Revolutionized and modernized japan

What did the Meiji constitution did not establish as a part of the government?

the President!

What did the meiji constitution not establish as a part of the government?

the President!

How did the Meiji government deal with protesters and union members?

The Japanese government: Meiji basically crushed and threatened them and didnt care about rural areas except for the taxes that they paid.

What did the daimyo governed after the meiji government seized their land?


Which of the following was not part of the industrialization of the Meiji government?

limited education