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Q: What were poll taxes literacy tests and the grandfather clauses used for during the reconstruction period?
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What efforts were made to protect black rights during reconstruction?

the grandfather clauses and literacy tests and poll taxes.

How did southern states prohibit African Americans from voting after reconstruction ended?

Even after the 15th Amendment white southerners mostly kept blacks away from the polls by intimidation. Also many clauses were added to keep blacks from voting such as the one that required them to be literate (the ability to read and write) to cast their ballot. There was also something a Poll Tax (a tax which was imposed on someone when they went to vote) which was only imposed upon the Africa Americans.

What was the purpose of poll taxes and literacy tests in the south during Reconstruction?

Tools to disfranchise African Americans

The establishment of literacy tests in Mississippi during the post-Reconstruction years was an attempt to drive which group out of politics?

African Americans

What did southern whites use to disenfranchise African American during reconstruction?

Poll taxes and literacy tests

What happens if a person couldn't pass a literacy test?

If you are referring to the literacy test that the south gave to African American voters during the reconstruction period after the civil war, they were given a literacy test and, if they failed, they were denied their right to vote. Mind you, the tests were very, very difficult.

Which amendment passed during Reconstruction eventually provided the basis for most civil rights protections?

The 14th Admendment

What were the voting restrictions for African Americans during the civil war?

There were many examples of disenfranchisement and restrictions placed on African-Americans after the Reconstruction. These included poll taxes, educational requirements, grandfather clauses, the Eight Box Law in South Carolina, property requirements, Jim Crow laws, and White Primaries.

What Tennessean was president during reconstruction?

Andrew Johnson , who was from Tennessee ,was the President during the beginning of Reconstruction.

What president was impeached during reconstruction era?

Andrew Johnson was impeached during reconstruction era.

What techniques was used to prevent blacks from voting in the South during the late 19th century?

Literacy tests were used to prevent African-Americans from voting, grandfather clauses were enacted into law which only allowed someone to vote if their grandfather could vote, and states enacted poll taxes which did not allow people, usually black or poor whites, to vote if they could not pay the tax.

What is disfranchise?

Franchisement during the reconstruction era was the right to suffrage (vote). The whites in the south tried to get around this any way possible. These ways were called the disfranchisement. Ways could be things such as the Poll Taxes and literacy tests.