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the two ways woman worked for there equal right was the right to vote and to also have every thing equal for both men and women.

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Q: What were two ways women in the 1700s worked for equal rights?
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For which reform movement did women work?

They worked for equal rights. They worked for labor issues. There are really a lot.

What impact did Susan B. Anthony have on Progressive era reforms?

Susan B. Anthony established the American Equal Rights Association. She worked with Lucretia Mott and Lucy Stone to do this. Anthony worked towards equal rights and specifically, the Women's Suffrage Movement.

What rights did women have in the colonies in the 1700s during Ben Franklins writings?


What did the women do in New York in the 1700s?

The role of women in New York in the 1700s was as wives and mothers. They did not have occupations outside the home, and were granted very few rights in society.

What was the purpose of the Shirley Chisholm Equal rights for women speech?

For women to have equal jobs, laws, and capabilities as men had - for women to hace equal rights

Was the declaration of independence the first to give women equal rights?

it didnt give women equal rights

Did ancient spartan women have fewer or equal rights?

they had equal rights

Equal rights movement for women how did it evolve?

The equal rights movement was a continuation of the women's suffrage movement of the previous century. Women were still not afforded all the rights that men had.

Led to expanding the crusade for equal rights to include women?

The women's rights movement

Do women have equal rights in Egypt?


What was the result of the women's rights convention in Seneca Falls?

young women were inspired to work for equal rights for women

Do German women have equal rights to men?

Yes, the constitution of Germany guarantees equal rights.