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Q: When considering slavery what is ironic about patriots protesting for their freedom from british rule?
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The Patriots were Americans fighting for freedom?

Patriots- were American fighting for freedom Loyalist- sided with King/ the British

In the colonial times the word patriots referred to who?

They wanted freedom from British.

How did the British convince slaves to fight against the Patriots?

by promising them freedom

What was the Patriots?

they are people who wants freedom from british.

In colonial times the word patriots referred to people who?

They wanted freedom from British.

Why were Patriots fightin for freedom agansit British?

They were fighting for freedom because they didn't like that the British were taxing them too much and that the colonies couldn't have anyone in Parliament (British Government).

What parole did british give the patriots?

The British allowed the prisoners some freedom in return for their promise not to resume war.

What was the most important reasons for the patriots to defeat the british?

so they could get freedom and independence

What was the reason for the Patriots willing to fight the British?

It was to gain Independence and not be loyal to the king.

What is the revloutionary war?

The revolutionary war was a war that was between the patriots and British and the patriots were fighting for freedom under the British. They wrote many grievance's to the British about quartering the soldier's. The war started by Thomas Jefferson who wrote the Declaration of Independance.

What was the freedom riders protesting for?

to fight segregation laws

Did people have freedom during the American revolution?

Not Everybody But Free Africans Fought For Patriots And Some Runaways Fought For The British.