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Q: Which constitutional provision according to some people was violated when the U.S. government interned (confined) Japanese-Americans during World War 2?
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Which constitutional provision according to some people was violated when the US government intern Japanese-Americans during World War 2?

due process

Is the separation of powers a constitutional provision?


Constitutional provision giving each branch of the national government certain authority and responsibilities not held by the other branches is known as?

Checks and Balances

Inherent Powers of the State?

it exists as the central force in order that a government can command, maintain peace and order, and survive, irrespective of any constitutional provision.

Which idea did the US Constitution establishes a central government of limited powers is best supported by the constitutional provision that?

the powers not delegated to the united states are reserved to the states! (1)

What constitutional provision was important in the Dustin Hoffman case?

Free Speech Clause

What is the importance of the constitutional provision on amendments or revisions?

The US Constitutional provision for the amendments known as the Bill of Rights has been of great importance. The amendment process allows changes to the Constitution when events deem it necessary to make fundamental changes in the laws.

What constitutional provision or court case established the principle of judicial review?

Marbury vs. Madison

Constitutional provision popular in the Midwest and south that encouraged lawbreaking and gangsterism in the big cities?


What constitutional provision made cooperative federalism possible?

Declaration of Intergovernmental Independence

What is Constitutional status of a line-item veto?

There is no such thing as the constitutional status of the so-called presidential line-item veto. It was proposed but never confirmed to be constitutional, rather, the Constitution makes no provision for such a privilege.

The great compromise at the constitutional convention of 1787 contained a provision of?

A bicameral legislature