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ssict constructionist

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Q: Which name would apply to a person who wants Congress to exercise only the expressed powers in the Constitution?
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Who is the person who delivered the Ohio Constitution to Congress?

the person who delivared the Ohio constitution to congress

Who is the person who delivers the Ohio constitution to congress?

the person who delivared the Ohio constitution to congress

Can a congress person be sued for their statements?

no Article 1, Section 6 of the Constitution

Did the constitution guarantee freedom of religion?

Under the first Amendment of the United States Constitution, it states that a person cannot "prohibit the free exercise of religion." Hence, a person cannot infringe on a person's right to practice their own preference of religion. The first Amendment says, "CONGRESS SHALL MAKE NO LAWS RESPECTING AN ESTABLISHMENT OF RELIGION". That simply means to keep your belief in your church, home and in your own hearts. Not in everyone else's faces.

If Any change congress makes in the president's salary cannot apply to the person who is president when the law is passes why do you think the constitution has this rule?

Congress must set its own pay.

What is the difference between delegated powers and implied powers?

In the Constitution, delegated (expressed) powers are powers that are explicitly given to Congress. Implied Powers are powers that are not written in the Constitution, but are implied by the Elastic Clause.

What does a strict constructionist believe?

novanet- the powers of the federal government are explicitly granted by the constitution

Why does the constitution require a person to have reached a certain age before becoming president?

The Constitution requires that a person reach a certain age before becoming President because the founding fathers felt a level of maturity is needed to be President. Congress also has a minimum age that a person must be.

Is taking the fifth a rightful exercise of constitutional protections or a way to avoid accountability?

It is a rightful exercise of a constitutional protection whether or not is is being taken to avoid accountability. No matter what a person has done, our Constitution forbids the government from forcing that person to be a witness against himself.

What did James Madison accomplish in the Continental Congress?

He is considered the person who most influenced the final draft of the Constitution of the United States.

This type of law allows for the punishment of an accused person without benefit of trial according to the constitution congress cannot pass such a law?

Bill of Attiander

What statement accurately describes one constitutional restriction on presidential power?

The constitution limits presidents to two four-year terms in office. Apex