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The act of raising the supply of agricultural goods to cut prices was not a part of the Agricultural Adjustment Administration.

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Q: Which of the following actions was not a part of the Agricultural Adjustment Administration plan to assist American farmers?
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Which new deal legislation continues to play a significant role in American life?

Agricultural adjustment actor social securtiy act or federal emergency releif act

How can you best explain the transformation of the American economy following the Civil War?

in short, from agricultural to industrial and from rural to urban

What did President Harding's Administration do to restore a sense of normalcy to American society following World World 1?

Help American industries grow.

What does AAA stands for?

The modern acronym stands for the American Automobile Association (a motorist assistance and travel company).In the 1930s, the acronym was used for the Agricultural Adjustment Act (1933), the first farm-subsidy bill of the US, and for its later version (1938).

When was American Relief Administration created?

American Relief Administration was created in 1919.

Was the economy before and after the American Revolution agricultural?

G A: No, it was agricultural before the American revolution, and industrialized after.

When was American Journal of Agricultural Economics created?

American Journal of Agricultural Economics was created in 1919.

When was American Agricultural Law Association created?

American Agricultural Law Association was created in 1985.

What happened to American industry in years after the civil war?

The United States was transformed from an agricultural to industrial society in years following the Civil War.

What is the purpose of the AAA new deal program?

The purpose of the AAA (Agricultural Adjustment Act) New Deal program was to address the agricultural crisis during the Great Depression. It aimed to raise crop prices by reducing production, providing subsidies to farmers, and implementing measures to stabilize agricultural markets. The program was intended to improve farmers' incomes and stabilize the agricultural industry as a whole.

Which law did Hoover's administration help pass to limit the quantity of goods that American farmers could sell to other countries in an attempt decrease surplus and stabilize the economy?

Agricultural marketing act

When was The American Review of Public Administration created?

The American Review of Public Administration was created in 1967.