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Among the choices given, universal male suffrage is not an original feature of the US Constitution as voters were entitled to ownership of some property.

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Q: Which or the following was not an original feature of the us Constitution -Bicameral legislature -Separation of powers -Female suffrage -Allowing slavery?
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Which of the following plans called for a bicameral legislature?

Virginia Plan

Which of the following best completes the table?

Its Chamber is part of bicameral federal legislature

Which of the following is NOT a reason why the Constitution established a bicameral legislature?

Well, you can't say which of the following if you don't get choices but a reason they DID is to balance the powers equally. Its all part of the checks and balances system. Each state has two members in the senate, which is fair for the smaller states, and each state has numbers of people in the house of representatives based on population, which is fair for the larger states.

What did the new york state constitution of 1777 do?

the new york state constitution of 1777 had the following outcomes: It called for a weak bicameral legislature and a strong executive branch. It retained provisions from the colonial charter such as the substantial property qualification for voting and the ability of the governor to prorogue the legislature. This imbalance of power between the branches of state government kept the elite firmly in control, and disenfranchised most New Yorkers who were fighting the Revolutionary War.

What was the charter of french liberties and why was it written?

The Charter of French Liberties, also known as the Charter of 1814, was a constitution granted by Louis XVIII of France in response to popular demands for liberties following the Napoleonic era. It aimed to establish a constitutional monarchy with a bicameral legislature, guaranteeing civil liberties such as freedom of speech and religion. The charter was seen as a compromise between the monarchy and liberal ideas prevalent at the time.

What was the following states had not ratified the Constitution at the time of the first electoral college?

North Carolina and Rhode Island New York had ratified the Constitution, but they did not appoint any electors in 1788 because their legislature had reached an impasse in the appointment process.

Which of the following nations was the last to establish an elected legislature?


Which of the following is a principal characteristic of a presidential form of government?

The executive and legislature

What was one major difference regarding taxation between the Constitution of 1803 and the Constitution of 1851?

One major difference regarding taxation between the Constitution of 1803 and the Constitution of 1851 was the method of property assessment. In the Constitution of 1803, property was assessed based on its actual value, while in the Constitution of 1851, property was assessed based on its fair cash value. This change aimed to create a more equitable taxation system by ensuring that property was assessed at its true market value.

Which of the following was the upper house of the legislature and also served as the highest court in the colony?


Which of the following is not prohibited by the Constitution?

The death penalty

Washington established which of the following even though it was not mentioned in the Constitution?

You have to include what the following choices are on a "the following" question.