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Pennies have Abraham Lincoln's face on one side. Nickels have Thomas Jefferson on one side. Dimes have Franklin Delano Roosevelt's face on one side. Quarters have Georges Washington's face on them. Half-dollar pieces have John F. Kennedy's face on one side.

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Q: Which presidents have their faces on American Coins?
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What faces are on the US coins?

the presidents.

Who were the first two American faces to appear on US coins that were not presidents?

ben franklin Patrick Henry

Which presidents faces are on the US coins?

Abraham Lincoln

What shows the faces of the American presidents?

I am guessing you are thinking of Mt. Rushmore . You could also be thinking of coins and paper money and older US stamps.

Three presidents' faces appear on both dollars and coins?

lincoln, washington, and jefferson

Which faces on American coins are not presidents?

Sacajawea (dollar coin)Susan B. Anthony ( old dollar coin)The Native American on the Buffalo nickel, modeled after a few Native Americans.Benjamin Franklin( old half dollar)Older coins show allegorical female figures of Liberty .

When year did they put presidents faces on coins?

The Lincoln penny of 1909 was the first US coin with a president's face on it.

Which 4 American presidents are carved into mount Everest?

None! But there are four US Presidents' faces sculpted into Mt. Rushmore, in South Dakota.

Why are presidents facing sideways on US coins and facing forward on paper money?

Purely an artistic decision. And not all presidents are facing any particular direction. Jefferson faces forward on the new 5¢ pieces issued starting in 2006 as do many of the images on Presidential $1 coins, for example.

Why do coins have faces on them?

Coins have faces on them to honor that person , statesmen , or president , and they symbolize the country that they were issued by.

Which presidents faces are on the Mount Rushmore?


What coins do not have presidents?

Silver dollars