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The Fugitive Slave Act.

It aroused enthusiasm for the Underground Railroad, the safe-house system by which runaways could be smuggled into Canada.

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Q: Which provisions of the Compromise of 1850 provoked the most controversey in the 1850s?
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What did the compromise of 1850s show?

The issue of slavery was becoming a larger problem.

What occurred first in history Missouri Compromise Bonus Bill Compromise of 1850 or the American system?

Missouri Compromise was signed in 1820s. The Compromise of 1850 was signed in the 1850s

How did Stephen Douglas help win approval of the compromise of 1850s?

He divided Clay's plan into part. He made it so that they all had to be voted on seperatly.

In the 1850s why didn't they have electricity?

Why did the 1850s have no electricity?

What was the biggest abolition movement in the 1850s?

The Compromise of 1850, were five bills that were intended to crush regional bitter conflict. The goal was to handle the spread of slavery into territories in order to keep the northern and southern interests in balance.

How many slaves were in Missouri in the 1850s?

There were 3022,427 slaves in Missouri in the 1850s

Why did Chinese migrate to Australia in the 1850s?

Chinese in the 1850s were lured to Australia by the goldrushes.

What was the era in the 1850s?

The 1850s was the Late Romantic Era. It was the last part of the Romantic Era of fine arts and literature, which ended around the end of the 1850s.

What was the name for Australia in the 1850s?

By the 1850s, Australia was known as Australia. This name was adopted in 1824.

How did the Supreme Court add to the tensions over slavery in 1850s?

Things like the Dred Scott deceision fueled the fires between Abolitionist and slavers, the Fugitive Slave Act and the 1859 Compromise only made matters worse.

Why did Melbourne prosper in the 1850s?

Melbourne prospered during the 1850s as a result of the gold rush in Victoria.

In mid-1850s the struggle over Kansas saw?

mid 1850s , the struggle over kansas saw what?