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Q: Who agreed to give the british information in exchange for money in 1780?
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The name of British money?

"British money" is called pounds sterling. You can get the latest exchange rates from a site such as

What did British businesses rely on to raise money for investing?

A stock exchange

What does the British English word runners mean?

An exchange clerk or money collector.

What did British businesses rely on in order raise money for investing?

a stock exchange

What did British businesses rely on in order to raise money for invest in?

a stock exchange

What did british businesses rely on in order to raise money in investing?

a stock exchange

Where can I find out the money exchange rates in Canada?

You can find the money exchange rate at the following sites that I found for you to have a look at. Here are the sites that you can look at for this information

Where can I find online information about money exchange?

The best place to find a money exchange would be to look into the money exchange business. I would also look into the loan places that gives away many loans to people.

What are the FX option when trading currencies?

When trading in Foreign Exchange, large sums of money can be sold in one currency at an agreed price and time. A different currency can then be bought at an agreed price. Most trading is over the counter but some is through exchanges such as the International Securities Exchange.

How much is a british pound worth in us currency?

About $1.50. The exact exchange rate varies from day to day and on how money you want to exchange.

Is American money double what British money is?

As of February 14, 2011 the exchange rate is:1 British pound = 1.6021 U.S. dollarsBritish money actually has a higher value than the US dollar.

How do you change British money to American?

Go to any exchange bureau or bank or Post Office.